Does Lowes Hire Felons?

Disqualifying a job hunter on the ground of his police record is discrimination at its finest. Certainly, a felon who has served his sentence deserves the restoration of his civil rights as well as the means to sustain himself.

Many companies thrive because their employment practices are founded on non-discrimination principles. This includes elimination of bias on the basis of one’s criminal history.

About Lowe’s

Lowe’s is a home improvement company that operates a chain of retail home improvement, hardware and appliance stores in the US, Canada and Mexico.

The business started as a small-town hardware store operated by James Lowe, until it was totally purchased by Carl Buchan, Lowe’s partner. The latter built it up into a chain of hardware stores across the country.

Lowe’s is now the second largest hardware chain and the 8th largest retailer in the US. It has 2,335 retail locations and employs over 285,000 employees.

Both part-time and full-time employees enjoy the following benefits: Medical Plans, Pharmacy Discount Card, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, Short Term Disability, Critical Illness, Accident Insurance, Fixed Indemnity, Auto and Home Insurance, 401(k) Plan, and Employee Stock Purchase Plan.

In 2014, Forbes listed Lowe’s among the ten companies that are happiest to work with. Employees who worked here usually remarked about the good pay and benefits.

Do Felons Get Hired At Lowe’s?

In the US, barring any applicant with a conviction or arrest record is deemed illegal. That’s why no company would issue a clear policy against employing persons with criminal history.

As long as the degree of moral depravity or nature of the crime is not in any way related with the job details, then one’s police records may not be that much of an issue.

Nevertheless, Lowe’s may be a bit stringent on applicants with past convictions. Lowe’s online application requires candidates to answer truthfully about their criminal history.

In the case of Williamson vs. Lowe’s HIW, the company rescinded a job offer when it found out that the candidate lied about his arrest records in the application forms.

Lowe’s does not automatically disqualify any applicant who is tainted with police record. But it disqualifies applicants who provide any false information in their application.

Application Process At Lowe’s

If you plan on applying for job at Lowe’s, the following may guide you through the hiring process:

  • Online application through Lowe’s website
  • Personal details, work history, availability, criminal background and character references should be filled out in the standard application
  • A 30-minute mandatory assessment test which consists of a personality test, a situation judgment test and a cognitive or abstract thinking test
  • For managerial and cashier positions, there is an additional, more-detailed and specialized assessment test
  • First phase of the interview through phone call
  • In-person interview with the hiring manager at the store

Tips When Applying For Job At Lowe’s

Before the interview, prepare for questions that deal with proper customer service and responsibility. These job-related questions will demonstrate to the interviewing personnel whether you possess the values that the company is looking for.

At Lowe’s, a clean outside appearance means business attire and neatly-styled hair. Beards and stubble may look trendy, but on the job hunt, it is eternally good advice to be clean shaven.

Researching about the company doesn’t have to be in-depth. You must at least know its history, its products, and its expectations from employees.

Background checks may miss your past convictions. Still, it is better to state such fact in any questionnaire you fill out or during interview. It may be valid ground for termination when you’re hired and they found out that you concealed or lied about it.

Feel confident and appear confident. As a former felon, you will have to project that you have the character and motivation to do well despite your past wrongdoings.


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