Can Felons Travel To Spain?

There’s simply no reason why Spain should be left out when one travels to Europe. After all, it is one of the borderless countries where its major city, Barcelona, is accessible by train and ferries.

Although some countries are particularly stringy with their admission requirements, the fact of one’s criminal history may not be one of those issues. But it could be an issue if an alien intends to stay longer than usual in that country.

Travel Restrictions

The freedom to travel is a civil right enjoyed by US citizens, including former felons. The issuance of a passport, however, is conditional and discretionary.

Individuals who have a knack for traveling must be aware of the ineligibilities that might delay their itinerary. One classic example is a noncustodial parent’s default on his child support payments.

If you have a financial obligation to the federal government such as assistance loan, repatriation expense or unpaid taxes, then settle them first before applying for a passport.

A sex offender has to consent that his name be registered in the RSO if he wishes to travel outside US. Drug traffickers and other drug-related offenders, however, are absolutely disqualified.

Of course, your passport will be denied if you are subject to a subpoena relating to the prosecution or jury investigation of a felony. Your attempt to travel might be interpreted as guilt or obstruction of justice.

Reasons To Travel To Spain

From Barcelona, you may ride around and pass through every beautiful city in Spain including Lisbon and Porto in Portugal. Well, perhaps there’s no need mentioning that the famous Madrid and Granada are just around the corner.

In Spain, you’ll have the opportunity to behold the stunning castles and Roman ruins in Segovia, relish the sunshine in the coastal resorts of the Mediterranean and then soak yourself in best blue beaches in Galicia.

If you happen to have love for the arts, then please stay out of Barcelona. Art is Barcelona and Barcelona is art; you might run the risk of wanting to stay there once you set foot.

Entry Requirements To Spain

Since Spain is a party to the Schengen agreement, you need only a 3-month validity left in your passport beyond the intended date of exit. It is recommended, nevertheless, that you observe the specifics required when traveling to Spain:

  • Passport must be valid and issued within the last 10 years
  • Travel visa if stay is more than 90 days
  • National identity document and letter of parental consent for minors under 18, if not accompanied by parents
  • Proof of sufficient funds to support oneself for the duration of intended stay in Spain (Minimum amount to be substantiated is 64.53 Euros per person per day)
  • Supporting document from the establishment providing accommodation or letter of invitation if foreign national enters Spain for tourism or private reasons
  • Return or round trip ticket
  • Name must not appear on the national list of alerts
  • Not previously expelled or returned by Spain or by any Schengen member-state
  • Not subject to an international arrest on criminal activities
  • Not have been expressly denied entry because of activities contrary to the interests of Spain, human rights violations or close links with criminal organizations

Is there any other restricting circumstance or condition that may affect your freedom to tour outside US? What are the reasons you want to visit Spain?

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