Does Kroger Hire Felons?

The resolve to rehabilitate one’s life is a potential that employers often miss as they let their social prejudice prevail against candidates with criminal histories.

In the military, the criminal waiver policy has allowed young men to enlist and serve the country despite their felony convictions. Not surprisingly, statistics show that these former felons performed even better than their peers.

About Kroger

Kroger is an Ohio-based retailing company that operates one of the largest supermarkets and multi-department stores chain in the US.

In 1883, Kroger started out as a grocery store in downtown Cincinnati. Its founder, Barney Kroger, was the first to set up his own bakery and sell meats along with other items in one grocery.

Now, Kroger has over 2,700 supermarkets in 34 states. Aside from the usual department format, the company also maintains food manufacturing facilities, pharmacies and fuel centers.

The Kroger company offers not only a competitive salary but special perks and product discounts as well. These are discounted home and auto insurance, stock options and tuition fee assistance, among others.

Employees’ reviews are varied, most likely because with the diverse store formats of Krogers, the company’s work policies are not strongly observed. Generally though, the discounts and flexible work hours are fair enough.

Does Kroger Hires Felons

People who have tried to apply at Kroger recount that the management in most Kroger stores do not want to hire candidates with a criminal history.

Various accounts are told where job offers with candidates who failed the background checks were rescinded. These candidates have either a conviction for a felony or misdeamenor in their record.

This fact, however, should not deter any former felon from trying his luck at Kroger. Actually, any employer’s practice or policy of sacking a conditional employee because of his criminal history poses a potential lawsuit for employment discrimination.

No former offender should be dragged under the blanket policy against hiring felons unless the crime convicted for is related to the nature of the job.

Moreover, the applicant’s consent must be obtained before conducting a background check. A copy of the detailed report on why he failed must be sent to the applicant, so he would know why he was not considered for the job.

Application Process At Kroger

As noted above, the application process at Kroger could be as diverse as its different stores and facilities. Drug tests and background checks are fairly common, but some stores may no longer conduct drug tests.

  • Submission of application must be done online at the Kroger website
  • You can go directly to a store and fill out the application form at their service kiosks
  • Create an account and choose a vacant position that you want to apply for and the store location
  • Answer the multiple choice employment exam
  • You will be called for an interview, or you may follow up your application by calling the hiring team yourself
  • Interview with the hiring team
  • Job offer

Tips To Apply At Kroger

An applicant may have the chance of being called for an interview if the employment exam is answered with “Strongly Agree” or “Strongly Disagree”.

Moreover, landing a job will be more likely if you call the hiring manager and follow up about your application. Your initiative to reach to the management is an indication of strong interest for the position.

During the interview, you never have to mention about your past criminal conviction if it is not asked at all. Otherwise, you will have to answer truthfully.

The hiring manager will consider each factor relative to your criminal history to see if it is relevant to job. Accentuate on your rehabilitation efforts and be confident that your past mistakes will not be a hindrance to your future.


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