Does Kmart Hire Felons?

After incarceration, it takes courage for a felon to pursue – much less think about – a job or career. The stigma that comes with a criminal history is most often the bane that causes felons to think of themselves as nothing but society’s eternal losers.

If only employers somehow see this daring as the will to strive hard, then perhaps they will unlock potentials for success, not only for former offenders but for the company as well.

About Kmart

Based in Illinois, Kmart is a large retail department stores chain. The stores are not only found in 49 states but also in US territories such as US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and in Guam, where the largest Kmart store is located.

S.S. Kresge founded the company in 1962 until it merged with Sears in 2005 and began operating as Sears Holding Corporation. As of date, Kmart is operating no less than a thousand stores nationwide.

In 2008, Kmart has been awarded as an “Outstanding Corporate Citizens” for its proactive involvement in community development and philanthropy.

Fulltime employees get the benefits of paid vacation, life insurance, medical, dental and 15% discount. Part-time employees, on the other hand, can’t have benefits other than the 401k plan.

Former employees at Kmart retail stores said that this company is a good place to start with to gain work experience. Overall, the job descriptions are clear and there is not much issues with the work environment.

Does Kmart Hires Felons

Sooner, all states across America will be following the trend on fair hiring policies such as prohibiting background investigation and the disclosure of an applicant’s criminal records at any stage of the hiring process.

But until they do, then probably what a former felon can strategically do is apply only at a Kmart store in states where these policies are applicable.

A former offender may not be compelled to divulge his past conviction whether it is for a misdemeanor or a violent felony. This way, every applicant, whatever his past, has the chance of being deliberated on based on merits.

Since the hiring decision may depend on the management in each Kmart store, then an ex-offender may have the chance of being employed regardless of the company’s general policy.

Application Process At Kmart

Online application with the US-based Kmart website is not possible, so an applicant may have to apply through online job boards, directly at a store, in job fairs or at a particular location whenever a new store opens.

  • Go directly at a Kmart store and submit your application through the computers designated in the service desk
  • Answer only with YES or NO to the questions asked
  • You will be asked to set a schedule for interview
  • Interview with the HR manager
  • Job offer if there is an urgent necessity for a position
  • Waiting time for at least several weeks (You are to follow up during this period by going to the store or calling the HR department)

Tips To Apply At Kmart

Kmart’s retail business is generally an industry engaged in the art of selling. You may have to brush up on your people’s interaction and service skills as you apply in this company.

Of course, it may have to depend on the department you’re applying for. Nevertheless, even if it’s the janitorial services or utilities, you may have to emphasize on your character and essential life skills, such as problem-solving and diligence.

Most of all, physical grooming creates impression, so show up with a clean look and in business attire if invited for an interview.

Engage your employer in discussing about your capabilities and expectations. Never lie if asked about your past criminal convictions, but you don’t have to mention anything about it either.


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