Can Felons Travel To Puerto Rico?

Like Mexico and Panama, Puerto Rico is a brief flight away from the continental US. This little island may be a great alternative for anyone who wishes to unwind more serenely and become closer to nature.

Foreign nationals who travel with a criminal history may not be an issue in most countries. But still, it is a setback that may affect felons as they move from one place to another.

Travel Requirements

Even within US jurisdiction, the mobility of an inmate under supervised release may be prohibited by a court. Such a condition in one’s probation or parole is a binding rule that must be complied with.

Likewise, an order of apprehension issued by a US Armed Forces officer, a federal warrant of arrest or a felony-related subpoena will certainly hold anyone from going into places where they could be apprehended.

Even though a passport is generally not required for US citizens who travel to places administered by the US government, one could still be easily identified because of the sophisticated databases that the US has in these places.

Thus, it’s always best that travelers comply with every requirement. If you’ve been seriously delinquent in your tax payments or in default of a government loan, then settle them at once.

Even individuals who are in arrears of child support payments may face serious consequences. Child support debt must be paid ahead of time whenever one plans of traveling.

Reasons To Travel To Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s most famous attraction is hiking the Mt. Britton trail that leads to the mysterious, gentle rainforest of El Yunque National Park. Here, there are no mosquitoes and poisonous snakes to deal with.

There are only the endangered species that hum the music of the forest and the cool, fresh rivers that condense from the peak of the mountain and rush down to the sea.

You really cannot go wrong here unless you get off track from the trail. No one contemplates about going to the beautiful beaches and casinos of Puerto Rico without ever wanting to try this hiking experience.

Entry Requirements To Puerto Rico

Since Puerto Rico is still a US territory, a passport or green card is not required from US citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents (LPR).

The exception is when they enter Puerto Rico from a foreign port or place. Likewise, although some of the following documents are not officially required, it is recommended that you have them with you at all times:

  • Government-issued photo ID (i.e. driver’s license)
  • Copy of US birth certificate or naturalization certificate, etc.
  • US air travelers must bring sufficient and up-to-date documentations, most preferably a valid passport (Not required in customs but it is advised to avoid problems especially when boarding a flight)
  • Proof of LPR status if you are a lawful US resident (i.e. l-551 card with your photo in it and your immigration case number)
  • Puerto Rico native-born citizens or naturalized US citizens do not need to present a US passport book or card when returning to Puerto Rico
  • Valid ID for children ages 15 to 17 (i.e. school ID, library card, organization ID, Social Security card, credit card)

Are you in any other situation that may possibly impede your freedom to go wherever you want? What is in Puerto Rico that you want to go for?

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