Does Aldi Hire Felons?

Aldi (Albrecht Discount, stylized as ALDI) is one of the most successful discount grocery retail stores of the 21st century. The collection of low-priced and high-quality food in their shelves makes customers satisfied.

The German Albrecht family has opened its first store in 1961. From these small beginnings, it grew to 1,600 stores and 24,000 employees in the United States alone.

An addition to the company’s unprecedented success is the accolades it has received over the years. In fact, Aldi accepted the 2015 Supermarket News Retail Achievement Award, for its expansive growth in business.

In its full-time employees, Aldi gives out the following: industry-par wages, complete medical, dental, vision insurance coverage, ample vacation times, and other life-related insurances.

Although some jobs in the company are physically demanding, employees have expressed their job satisfaction regarding the “excellent” advantages mentioned earlier.

Does Aldi Hire Felons?

The answers come from various online sources. Since Aldi is a retail chain, the company outsource most of its operations. For instance, Employee Screen conducts Aldi’s background check.

If the company cannot find any felony record in the past seven years, then the answer is yes.

The company checks the severity of the crime the felon had committed. Also, the time elapsed since the criminal charge can affect the hiring process.

Unfortunately, the jobs a felon can apply can be few. However, positions such as stock clerk, warehouse worker, and driver are readily available for former ex-convicts that are more than seven years of record.

Application Process At Aldi

Jumpstart your career in the grocery chain. Know more about the necessary information below.

  • The applicant must prepare his or her employment requirements such as related documents, resume or equivalent, and letter of intent.
  • Some sources have stated that the store hours would be from 9 am to 6 pm, so the applicant must submit within those schedules.
  • Expect that one would undergo one-on-one, group, and final interviews that may randomly occur from a span of two to four weeks.
  • Await the final call, text, or email from the official ALDI hiring personnel.

Tips To Apply At Aldi

Initially, one must resolve to be completely genuine of everything written or spoken out, be it in the resume or interviews. Aldi hiring personnel shall find out if one manipulates his or her documents.

One must show politeness, especially when confronted about the past misdemeanors. Consider that the human resource personnel is testing the applicant’s character.

Afterward, the aspirant must point out the skills that he or she have related to the job position to leave a good impression to the one who is in-charge.

Finally, apply the tips and be confident that whatever happened in the past, it has been over. It is your new beginning at Aldi.


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