Does H&M Hire Felons?

The blanket policy of screening out job applicants with criminal records is injurious to the national economy.

One out of four Americans – mostly nonwhites – has a police record. Basing the employability of a candidate on this factor may not only keep a substantial amount of the population out of work; it also contributes to the repeat offender’s phenomenon that keeps pestering our society today.

About H&M

H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) is a multi-national clothing-retail company headquartered in Västerås, Sweden. It owns many leading brands of clothing for men, women, children and teenagers such as COS, Weekday and Monki.

Founded in 1947 by Erling Persson, the first “Hennes” shop was exclusively for women’s clothing. It became “H&M” in 1968 when Persson bought a hunting apparel retailer which bore the name of a Swedish artist named Mauritz.

H&M and its associated brands are popular in fast fashion, which makes it one of the largest fashion retailers in the clothing industry. It is considered second only to the Spanish-based Inditex, the biggest fashion company that owns Zara.

H&M employees are entitled to product discounts in any brand, whether online or in stores worldwide. The company also offers incentive programs for long-term employment such as dividends and company shares.

Most of the reviews about the company from former employees are generally positive, except during sales days or peak hours where the work is fast-paced and hectic.

Do Felons Get Hired At H&M?

H&M has more than 3000 stores scattered internationally, employing a total of over 130,000 people. In the US alone, it has more than 400 stores to date.

When it comes to hiring decisions, a general company policy may not hold water. Expect, therefore, that the hiring practices of H&M stores in different locations are varied and may not adhere to H&M’s personnel rules.

The hiring decision and process may depend on other factors such as the manager’s preferences and the availability of information from background investigation, which is regulated by the laws of the state where an H&M store is located.

If a background investigation was run on you and you were found with a criminal record, the presence of a conviction for either a felony or misdemeanor may negatively affect your potential to get hired at H&M.

Application Process At H&M

Online application through the H&M website is the best way to go because available positions in both retail and corporate positions are posted there. The typical hiring process at any H&M store is outlined as follows:

  • Take a quiz to determine if you share the same H&M values and culture (Optional)
  • Create a profile where you will submit your resume and cover letter
  • Review of the application for at least 2 weeks
  • Interview invitation by phone or email (initial interview by phone in other stores)
  • Interview with the recruiter or store manager
  • Another set of interviews and group assessment (for corporate positions)
  • Job offer

Tips When Applying For Job At H&M

Researching about the company is the key to getting hired at H&M, because for the recruiters, how you answer the interview questions will determine if you fit in with the company’s work culture.

There are certain states in the US where running a background check on any job applicant is prohibited, unless given a conditional job offer. You may have this as an advantage in getting deliberated on until the final stage.

But if during the interview, you are asked to disclose if you had any conviction in the past, just tell the truth upfront. Your criminal history may not matter to the employer, but an act of lying does.


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