Does Waste Management Hire Felons?

Waste Management is a waste collection company. Their main goal is creating green options for getting rid of waste.

Because you served your time, you deserve trust in the workplace. You should have the same right to work as anyone else. Working can help you transition back to everyday life. It can also help prevent you from repeating your criminal past.

Below you will find information about the Waste Management company and their application.

About Waste Management

This company has two main services. First, it picks up waste and recycling. Second, it provides ways to dispose and recycle these items. They work with many kinds of waste as well.

Waste Management started in the 1960’s. Its founders were Wayne Huizenga, Dean Buntrock, and Larry Beck. In 1982, the company was the world’s largest waste disposal service. Over the years, the company expanded its services and locations.

Today, Waste Management has 43,000 employees and 6,500 green fuel vehicles. They have 21 million customers. They have won about 30 different awards. These relate to business atmosphere and environment.

Waste Management has several perks for its employees. For example, they give them health insurance. They have family care benefits. They also have financial benefits. These include 401(k)’s, employee discounts, etc.

Employees enjoy working here for other reasons as well. The company cares about the environment. They have a diverse culture. They are also involved in the community and other events.

Does Waste Management Hire Felons?

This company does hire people with criminal records, according to their website. This goes on a case by case basis, though. Certain offenses may disqualify you from some of the jobs.

Your criminal record may get in the way of some job qualifications. For example, you may need a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). You might not be able to get a CDL with certain offenses on your record. It also depends on how long it has been since your convictions and how many convictions you have had.

Does Waste Management Run Background Checks?

This company does run background checks on all applicants before hiring. Reviews from both previous and current employees confirm this. There may be a few different checks run on you. For example, these might be criminal history, driving history, and a drug screening.

Criminal history will show any charges on your record. This means that both felonies and misdemeanors will show on there. Driver history shows any traffic offenses, accidents, and DUI’s.

Drug tests show any kind of drug in your system. This means that both illegal and prescription drugs will show. You can take medication as long as you have a valid prescription. But, some of them may prevent you from being able to do certain activities, such as driving.

Careers at Waste Management

This company has a few different entry level job options. These jobs include;

  • Drivers
  • Operations
  • Technicians
  • Frontline professionals

Waste Management has a few different waste disposal services. So, their drivers operate several different vehicles. You will need the CDL mentioned earlier for these jobs. There are a few classes of CDL.

CLD’s are assigned based on vehicle type. There are three classes; A, B, and C. The job postings should tell you which one you need.

Operations includes a variety of jobs. Most of them include intensive manual labor. So, you need to be in good physical shape for these jobs. You may also work either on collection routes or in the facilities.

Technicians work with heavy machinery for the most part. You will likely work in the facility. But, your responsibilities may include maintenance for several different pieces of equipment. This is entry level, but you should have some mechanical training before applying.

Frontline professionals include entry level management positions. Although most of these listings ask you to have a degree, you can substitute experience. So, if you had management experience before your conviction, check these out.

Application Process at Waste Management

You can apply online for each of their job listings. Once you find a job that looks interesting, you can click on “apply now”. The website will walk you through the application.

Remember to be honest on your application. Even if you do not tell them about your record, they will find it. Take the opportunity to explain your side.

During the interview, be polite and honest. Again, this is your chance to explain and show that you have changed.

On the resume and during the interview, let them know about any work or training that you have. If you received skills training during your sentence, list this under “additional experience”.

Waste Management looks for team work, leadership, and technical skills. Volunteering or environmental projects are also a plus.

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