Does Walmart Hire Felons?

Walmart is a retail chain that offers a variety of groceries and other products.

Your criminal record should not define who you are as a person. You have served your time and you should have the same employment rights as everyone else. Having a job can also help you stay away from repeat offending. Walmart recognizes this and offers many job opportunities.

Below you will find information about Walmart and their application process.

About Walmart

Walmart has a variety of services including delivery, auto, health, and more. Some of their products include;

  • Gifts and holidays
  • Clothing
  • Personal care
  • Home goods
  • Arts and crafts
  • School and office supplies
  • Electronics
  • Sports equipment
  • Auto needs
  • Children’s and baby supplies
  • Pet supplies
  • Groceries

Sam Walton opened his first retail store in 1950. He opened the first official Walmart store in 1962. The company then went public in 1970.

Walmart has grown since then. It now has 4,759 U.S. stores and 1.5 million employees. The company has won several awards. For example, it has been the number one Fortune 500 company for six years in a row.

Walmart has a few different employee benefits. Some of these are health insurance, retirement, and family care. Some health benefits also include free services, like counseling. Employees also get discounts on some products.

Employees have said that they enjoy being able to do different tasks each day. You will not get stuck in the same routine. Walmart also recognizes employees for their work. Another thing that employees admire about the company is that they donate a lot to charity.

Does Walmart Hire Felons?

Walmart does hire people with felony records. But, like with any other company, this goes on a case by case basis. Previous and current employees have confirmed this.

Walmart will not turn you down right away for having a criminal record. It depends on the specifics of the crime and how long it has been since. For example, they may not be able to let you work in firearm sales.

Does Walmart Run Background Checks?

Walmart does do background checks before hiring. Employees have confirmed that they run checks on criminal history. They also do drug screenings.

Criminal history checks show any felony or misdemeanor charges you have received. Again, they may be willing to overlook certain offenses, but not others.

Drug screenings pick up on both illegal and prescription drugs. You may take medication as long as it is over the counter or you have a valid prescription.

Careers at Walmart

Walmart has a few different entry level options. These include;

  • Stocker, backroom, and receiving associates
  • Cart attendant and janitorial associate
  • Cashier and front end
  • Sales associate
  • Fresh food associate

As a stocker, you will help unload trucks. So, you need to be able to do some manual labor. You will keep the shelves stocked. You might also need to help customers find items.

Cart attendants and janitors are responsible for keeping the store looking good. You need to move carts and some of the job is outside. You will also do a variety of cleaning tasks.

Cashiers should know basic math skills. You should also be aware of sales and various store policies. You might also need to direct customers to other products or departments.

One job that helps out the other positions a lot is sales associate. You will work in several different departments. You will help both customers and other employees. For example, you might need to tell them where to find something or about a sale.

Fresh food associates work in the bakery and deli. You will take orders from customers. You will also package bakery and deli items for sale.

Application Process at Walmart

Walmart has online applications available but you do need to have an account. It is free to sign up. You can look at jobs, but cannot apply without logging in. There are application links in each job posting.

For applying, be honest on your application. Finding out about a criminal record from you is much better than finding out from a background check.

On the application and during the interview, take responsibility for the offense. But, make sure you also mention ways that you have improved since then.

Customer service experience is a huge plus on the application. Walmart has a customer first outlook. For working with food, experience with ServSafe might also be beneficial.

Team work and some other “soft skills” would be good to list. Also let them know about any education or training you received during your sentence.

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