Does Xerox Hire Felons?

Xerox is a printing supply company. They also offer a variety of office services.

Transitioning back into work after your release can be scary. But, it is very important for stability and staying away from crime. Besides, you served your time and have earned your right to work again.

Below you will find information about Xerox and its application process.

About Xerox

Xerox sells several models of printers and copiers. They also sell supplies for the machines. They also provide printing and other services.

In 1958, the Haloid company changed its named to Haloid Xerox, Inc. This company began as a photographic equipment and xerography business. The company later changed its name again to the Xerox Corporation. It continued to produce new copying and printing machines over the years.

Now, Xerox has about 27,000 employees. Xerox also now does business in 160 different countries. They have retail and service locations. They have won awards for business, diversity, and green products and services.

Xerox employees get a few different benefits. For example, they have health care and life insurance. They also get retirement plans. They have an employee therapy program as well.

People like working here also because of the learning and career move opportunities. People also like the diverse culture that the company has.

Does Xerox Hire Felons?

Research show that this company is willing to hire people with felony records. But, this might depend on the job and the offense, itself.

For instance, more serious felonies, like violent or sexual crimes, may get you turned down. Crimes that are recent would likely get you turned down too.

Does Xerox Run Background Checks?

Employees have said that Xerox runs background checks. These usually go back at least 10 years. The checks include criminal records and a current drug test.

Criminal records show any charges that you have ever had. This includes both felony and misdemeanor charges. These checks also give Xerox details about the crime. For example, they will say when the crime occurred and what exactly happened.

Xerox does drug tests to detect any drugs that you have recently taken. These tests do show any drug you have taken, including prescription. You will not get disqualified for a prescription drug as long as it is valid. You will likely get turned away for illegal drugs.

Careers at Xerox

There are several entry level jobs available at Xerox. Some of the more common ones include;

  • Inside sales
  • Outbound sales
  • Toner manufacturing process operator
  • Production associate
  • Industrial maintenance mechanic

Inside sales representatives work with customers to manage their accounts. You are also responsible for selling them on new products and services. For this job, you need to know company policies, products, and services.

Outbound sales refers to getting new customers. In this job, you cold call non-customers to sell products and services. You need to know about company policies, products, and services.

Toner manufacturing process operators work to produce toners. There are a few different pieces of equipment that you will work with. Some technical experience would be a plus. You may also need to do some lifting.

Production associates work in the print room. They complete print orders for customers. You need to have basic computer and printing skills for this job. This job may involve lifting as well.

Industrial maintenance mechanics work with the production machines at the plant. Technical experience would be a plus for this job. You would receive on the job training. Like the previous two, this job may also involve lifting.

Application Process at Xerox

For these and other jobs, you can apply online. Click the job you want and click “apply online”. The website then walks you through setting up an account and applying for the job.

Again, Xerox runs background checks on all applicants. So, you need to be honest about your criminal record. They will find out anyway and it will be better coming from you.

When you talk about your record, stick to the facts. Explain what happened and tell them how you have changed as a person. Let them know that you want to work and be an upstanding member of society.

Xerox is a very technical company. You should list any computer or mechanical skills on your resume. This includes formal training and any skills you learned on your own.

Be sure to list all education and work experience as well. Some inmates receive technical training during incarceration. If you do have this experience, list this on your resume.

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