Does Restaurant Depot Hire Felons?

Restaurant Depot is a retail chain that sells restaurant supplies. They have both online and in-person shopping options.

People with criminal records find it difficult to get work. But, it is very important that you do. For one thing, you have proven that you are ready to rejoin the community. Second, working can help you maintain a non-criminal lifestyle.

Below you will find information about Restaurant Depot and their application process.

About Restaurant Depot

This company sells items to restaurants. These include clothing, equipment, and food. They also have memberships. Members get various deals sent to them monthly.

The Jetro company (owners of Restaurant Depot) began in 1976. In 1990, Jerry Cohen started Restaurant Depot. In 1994, The Jetro company became its owner. Restaurant Depot continued to add stores and warehouses over the years.

Now, Restaurant Depot has over 130 stores in 33 states. It has about 2,000 employees. They work with 15 different brands.

Restaurant Depot employees get a couple different benefits. For example, they get health and life insurance. They also get 401(k) retirement plans.

People enjoy working here for a couple reasons. For one, the pay is above minimum wage. They also say that management and coworkers are friendly. Employees enjoy talking to the customers as well.

Does Restaurant Depot Hire Felons?

According to previous and current employees, this company is willing to hire felons. But, it depends on the specifics of your record.

For example, certain offenses may cause you to get turned down. Usually, violent and sexual offenses are in this category. The amount of time since your conviction will also show how much of a risk hiring you would be.

Does Restaurant Depot run Background Checks?

Employees have also confirmed that the company does do these checks. These include criminal records and drug tests.

Criminal record checks show any charges you received. This includes both felony and misdemeanor charges. They will also show details of the offense.

Drug tests show any drug that is in your system. So, it will show illegal drugs. It will also show prescription drugs. You will not get turned down for prescription drugs as long as you have a valid prescription.

Careers at Restaurant Depot

There are a few different entry level options available to you. Some of the most common jobs include;

  • Cashier
  • Checker
  • Picker
  • Porter
  • Stocker

Cashiers check customers out and handle purchases. You should have basic math skills to do this job. You should also be aware of any sales going on.

Checkers verify receipts for customers that have paid and are leaving. You are responsible for preventing and reporting theft. You also check employees to make sure they do not take anything.

Pickers are responsible for getting orders together. For this job, you need to have basic math and reading skills. You should also be able to stand for a long time and bend over. You will also need to do a lot of lifting.

Porters are responsible for keeping the warehouse clean. This involves basic cleaning and cleaning equipment. You should be able to do some lifting for this job as well.

Stockers work in a variety of store departments. For this job, you need to keep inventory of items out for sale. You then need to keep all departments stocked. Basic math skills and the ability to do light lifting would be helpful for this job.

Application Process at Restaurant Depot

Restaurant Depot has online applications available for its various job postings. You can look through the list of postings and find a job that interests you. When you click on the job, you will see a button that says “apply now”. Click on that and the website will direct you to set up an account and complete the application.

For the application, do not lie about your criminal record. Since they do background checks, they are bound to find out anyway. Hearing it from you will sound better.

This also gives you a chance to explain yourself from the start. If it comes up during the application or interview, be honest about the facts. Also let them know about any steps you have taken to reform and why you want to get back to work.

Also list any education or training on your application. This includes any training programs you completed during your incarceration.

Basic knowledge of the restaurant industry would be good, but is not necessary. You should note basic academic skills and physical abilities.

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