Does Caterpillar Hire Felons?

Caterpillar is a construction and manufacturing company. They provide many products and services related to the fields.

When you get out of prison, one of the first things you should do is find work. Now that you have served your time, you have the right to work. You have the potential to be a great employee. Working can also help keep you from resorting back to a criminal lifestyle.

Below you will find information about Caterpillar and its application process.

About Caterpillar

Caterpillar currently has 21 brands. Most involve construction. Others involve energy or business services. They also have financial management services available for businesses.

Benjamin Holt started the Holt Manufacturing Company in 1892. It later became Caterpillar in 1910. The company’s main products during this time were tractors. It started providing other services and products in the 1960’s.

Now, the company has about 4 million products. It has about 104,000 full time employees. It has won 15 different awards since 2013. Most recently, it won the Top 100 and Contractor’s Choice awards.

Employees receive health care benefits and life insurance. They also get 401(k)’s. Employees get discounts on various programs as well. For example, some places offer discounts on gym memberships.

Employees enjoy working here because of being able to learn new skills. You are able to try a variety of different jobs. The company also has a diverse culture.

Does Caterpillar Hire Felons?

Previous and current employees confirm that Caterpillar is willing to hire felons. Generally, as long as you are honest about it, they will not hold your record against you.

They may be more wary about drug related offenses. For any offense, they will be more forgiving if the offense is older rather than recent.

Does Caterpillar Run Background Checks?

Employees also state that Caterpillar runs background checks. These include both criminal record checks and drug tests.

Criminal record checks show all offenses on your record. So, this will show any felony or misdemeanor charge that you have. It also gives details about the offense.

Drug tests are less forgiving. They will likely turn you away for a failed drug test. These tests show any prescription or illegal drugs that you have taken. As long as you have a valid prescription, then these will not disqualify you.

Careers at Caterpillar

There are a lot of entry level jobs at Caterpillar. Some of them include;

  • Production technician
  • Maintenance mechanic
  • Materials specialist
  • Assembly and test specialist
  • Coupling assembly technician

Production technicians work with many machine parts. You are responsible for installing these parts. You also run tests and inspections. You should have some mechanical skills before you apply. You will also need to do some lifting in this job.

Maintenance mechanics work with different equipment. You are responsible for making sure everything is in working condition. You need to have some mechanical experience before applying.

Materials specialists check for product quality. You will also be transporting the materials. You need to have basic math skills for this job. You will also need to get a forklift certification.

Assembly and test specialists are responsible for testing quality. They work with a variety of products and machines. Mechanical experience would be a plus.

Coupling assembly technicians help to assemble different machine parts. You need to inspect the machines and report any issues as well. Mechanical and welding experience would be good.

Application Process at Caterpillar

There are online applications available for job postings. When you find a job that you want, click the link. After that, click “apply now”. The website then directs you through applying for the job.

Again, this company is pretty forgiving about criminal records. So, it is important to be honest on your application. Be honest in the interview as well.

They may ask you about your record during the interview. If that happens, let them know any steps you have taken to change your life around since your conviction. They will appreciate your honesty. They also care more about who you are now than who you were then.

Most of the jobs you look at will be mechanical in nature. Because of this, previous mechanical experience or training is good to mention. If you received any training during your incarceration, let them know that as well.

Basic math skills would also be good to mention. Caterpillar also cares about a team environment. Make sure to mention interpersonal skills on your application.

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