Does Rite Aid Hire Felons?

Rite Aid is a drug store chain. They sells medications and other medical supplies.

When you get out of prison, you should find a job. This will help you stay on the right path and avoid slipping back into a criminal lifestyle. Not only this, but you have earned your rights back by doing your time. This includes working.

Below you will find information on Rite Aid and their application process.

About Rite Aid

Rite Aid sells both prescription and over the counter medications. They also sell other medical supplies, personal care items, electronics, and household items. They have a pharmacy and immunization clinics.

Rite Aid started as Thrift D Discount Center in 1962. In 1968, the name changed to Rite Aid Corporation. The company expanded its locations over the years. They also acquired other drug store chains.

Now, it has a little over 53,000 employees. They have about 2,500 locations. Rite Aid has stores in 19 states. They have won a few different business awards, such as the Champion of Business award.

Employee benefits at Rite Aid include health and life insurance. Employees also get 401(k)’s. Rite Aid offers employee discounts as well.

People also enjoy working at Rite Aid for other reasons. For example, some positions have flexible schedules. A lot of employees also say that management and coworkers are very friendly.

Does Rite Aid Hire Felons?

Rite Aid does not appear to hire felons. This comes from research and employee testimony. Results may differ by location. Rite Aid does appear to be willing to hire people with misdemeanors.

Even with a misdemeanor charge, you may still get turned down. For example, Rite Aid is very unlikely to hire someone with drug related offenses.

Does Rite Aid Run Background Checks?

Research and employees confirm that Rite Aid does run background checks. These will include criminal record checks and drug tests.

Criminal record checks show any charge on your record. This includes felonies and misdemeanors. It also shows the type and date of the offense.

Drug tests show any type of drug that you have used. You can take drugs with a valid prescription for them from your doctor. Otherwise, they are illegal. Street drugs, such as cocaine, marijuana, and others are also illegal.

Careers at Rite Aid

Rite Aid has a few different entry level job options. Some entry level jobs at Rite Aid include;

  • Pharmacy delivery clerk
  • Health and wellness associate
  • Cashier
  • General warehouse associate
  • Pharmacy technician

Pharmacy delivery clerks are responsible for delivering pharmacy orders to customers. You also need to keep logs of the deliveries. Basic math skills and a clean driving record are important.

Health and wellness associates work in community outreach. They promote Rite Aid products, services, and events. You need to have at least basic knowledge of pharmacy and health terms. Sales experience would be good, but is not required.

Cashiers can work either at the front of store or in the pharmacy. They ring out customers buying medication and other products. You need basic math skills for this job.

General warehouse associates work in the warehouses. They do a variety of tasks. These include preparing orders for shipment and keeping track of inventory. You need to be able to do heavy lifting and basic math for this job.

Pharmacy technicians may need certification in some states, but not all. They assist with non-specialized tasks in the pharmacy. These include tracking inventory, managing files, and working the cash register. You need basic math skills and industry knowledge for this job.

Application Process at Rite Aid

Rite Aid has online applications available. Click the job you want and then click “apply”. The website will walk you through uploading a resume and completing the application.

Because Rite Aid does extensive background checks, it is important to be honest. You should reach out to them directly about felony records. You need to let them know about criminal history if they ask.

If it comes up in the interview, be honest. Let them know the details and how you are a different person now. Also let them know why you want to work and have motivation to change.

Basic academic and interpersonal skills are necessary for store jobs. You may also need to be able to do physical labor with some jobs that involve moving products.

For pharmacy and other health specific job, knowledge of the industry is important. Let them know about any past experience or medical training that you have.

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