Does U.S. Cellular Hire Felons?

U.S. Cellular operates a wireless mobile network. They currently serve millions of customers in 23 states. They are the fifth largest phone network in the United States.

Companies such as U.S. Cellular provide felons with important opportunities to reestablish their lives after sentences. Everybody, including felons, deserves the basic human rights of income/work, expression, and education. Finding a job paves the way to secure these rights.

About U.S. Cellular

U.S. Cellular offers cell phones, mobile plans, and internet services. In order to generate these products, the company offers positions in IT, retail, and customer service.

The company was founded in 1983 as a subsidiary of Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. It’s headquarters is in Chicago, Illinois.

U.S. Cellular’s most recent information shows a revenue of $3.89 billion. It serves approximately 5.1 million customers. The North Central Region of the United States has rated them #1 in network quality performance.

Their employee benefits include health, vision, and dental insurance. They also provide disability, 401(k) retirement planning, paid time off, and education assistance–among other benefits. 

Many past and current employees have reported that what they like the most about working for U.S. Cellular is the opportunity to learn a variety of new skills and information.

Does U.S. Cellular Hire Felons?

Several lists of felon-friendly corporations list U.S. Cellular. These lists are national, so it seems as if the corporation as a whole is open to hiring felons.

In addition, U.S. Cellular is included in lists of region-particular companies hiring felons. It’s listed as hiring felons in Colorado and Tennessee, for example.

Does U.S. Cellular run background checks?

The U.S. Cellular website directly states that it requires background checks and drug screening. At this company, the background check happens later in the process.

The website outlines how the background check happens after the job offer is presented. Therefore, applicants may begin working their new position before the background check influences the hiring decision.

Careers At U.S. Cellular

U.S. Cellular has open positions in a variety of fields, including customer service, IT, sales, support, and engineering. Here are some examples of entry-level positions available at the company:

The Customer Service Representative is the face of the company. The job description includes research, professionalism, troubleshooting, and understanding and articulating information about company products.

The Retail Wireless Sales Consultant sells U.S. Cellular products using knowledge of technology and products. Training is offered for this position.

The Retail Store Manager is a company leader who tracks and meets goals. He/she create reports, manages a fast-paced environment, uses knowledge of Windows products, and handles philanthropic efforts.

The Cashier Greeter welcomes customers as they enter the store. The Greeter will also assist coworkers in different departments to complete tasks, as needed.

The Universal Customer Service Rep Bilingual offers support over the telephone to callers from across the U.S. The job includes reviewing customer accounts, troubleshooting products, and some salesmanship.

Application Process At U.S. Cellular

Applicants can submit applications directly to U.S. Cellular, using their website: After doing so, the next few steps include contact, an interview, an online assessment, a job offer, and then a background check.

Nearly all of the positions at U.S. Cellular require a large amount of knowledge about technological tools and processes. In order to improve chances of acceptance, it may be wise for applicants to study cell phone technology.

During all interviews, it is important to be confident. This is the case even more so at U.S. Cellular, because so many of their positions directly interact with customers. The talent team will want to know you communicate well.

Because the background check occurs later during the hiring process at U.S. Cellular, it is important to be honest about felonies along the process. In order to avoid receiving a job offer and then having it repealed, felon applicants will want to be honest about felonies at the beginning of the process.

During the interview, if felonies come, use the topic to steer the conversation to strengths. Rather than giving lengthy details about the felony, applicants should articulate what they learned from the experience, and how they will apply that learning to the new position.

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