Does Albertsons Hire Felons?

Albertsons is a food and drug retailer, located across the United States in 35 states. It has over 250,000 employees and is the third largest grocery company in the U.S. It historically has hired felons.

Employment is an important part of exploring second chances after sentences for felons. Holding a reliable, decent-paying position equips felons with basic human rights that everybody deserves and needs in order to make the most of their second chances.

About Albertsons

Albertsons is a supermarket company that sells groceries and pharmaceuticals, under company ownership by CVS and SuperValu.

The company was founded in 1939 by Joe Albertson with a single grocery store in Boise, Idaho. His shop sold groceries, magazines, bakery items, and ice cream.

Currently, 2,262 Albertsons stores exist. It is a Fortune 500 Company with a current revenue of $60.5 billion. Albertsons donates millions every year to philanthropic causes–$300 million in 2017, for example.

Albertsons provides holistic benefits to employees, including: medical, wellness, prescription, dental, vision, Employee Assistance Program, life insurance, flexible spending accounts, and 401(k) retirement plans. They also provide paid training, vacation, and holidays; associate discounts; scholarship programs–among other benefits. 

Many employees report that they enjoy working at Albertsons for the incredible benefits, reasonable management, and opportunities for promotion and corporate advancement.

Does Albertsons Hire Felons?

Albertsons has not explicitly stated whether they hire felons; sources report they have made a statement of hiring individuals on a case-by-case basis. However, research shows that Albertsons has and continues to hire felons.

Since there is no corporate statement about recruiting felon employees, whether the jobs are accessible to felons may depend on each individual store location. The odds of getting hired at Albertsons are uncertain, but their history of hiring felons proves its a current possibility.

Does Albertsons run background checks?

Albertsons does, in fact, run background checks. The intensiveness of each individual’s background check depends on the state in which the individual applies. How much the check influences the hirer’s decision will also depend on the local management.

Sources report that some locations have hired individuals with as many as three felons, while other locations refuse to hire applicants with any felony. Research shows that individuals with theft and violent felonies are less likely to be hired at Albertsons than individuals with other felonies in their crime records.

Careers At Albertsons

Due to its size, Albertsons is always hiring. It has constant need for retail, pharmacy, delivery, and supply chain workers. Applicants have plenty of both front-end and back-end job opportunities. Here are a few job descriptions:

The Delivery Driver position requires lifting, driving, some amount of customer service, and timeliness. The position is not available to individuals who have had a DUI within the last seven years.

The Courtesy Clerk works is in the grocery/retail department of the store and completes tasks such as: bagging groceries, cleaning the store, checking prices, and transporting groceries to the parking lot and carts from the lot back into the store.

The Retail Clerk works in a certain department of the grocery store–such as the seafood, frozen, or general merchandise section. This position requires adherence to food safety guidelines, proper operation of the department’s equipment, and excellent customer service.

The Grocery Clerk operates the cash register and provides friendly customer service. This includes operating cashier equipment, solving problems, and using math and calculators. Grocery Clerks must be willing to work flexible hours.

The Night Crew Clerk focuses on restocking products. He or she keeps an eye on expiration dates, and keeps the store presentable by cleaning and setting up displays. This worker will also help unload supplies and provide customer service.

Application Process At Albertsons

The most direct way to apply for an Albertsons’ job is to use their career portal, found here:
The process will require you to create an account, sign in, and apply directly by clicking a link.

Albertsons has a strong focus on customer care. During the application process, one should focus on topics of service and collaboration. Most people have experience in these areas and applicants should outline these experiences in order to articulate them well.

Reports show that during interviews, in particular, Albertsons management asks questions about how applicants would respond in hypothetical situations with customers. Applicants should imagine themselves interacting with customers before the interview.

Because every Albertsons store may have different responses to felon applicants, felons should apply to more than one Albertsons company, if two or more are nearby. The only way to find out which locations hire felons and which don’t is to apply to many.

Felons should also apply to positions not related to their felony. For example, somebody with a theft felony in their history should not apply to work at a cashier. Likewise, somebody with a violent felony should not apply for customer service, but for a back-end position instead.

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