Does Barnes & Noble Hire Felons?

Barnes and Noble is a book and entertainment distributor. They have chains across the United States. They sell books from a variety of authors, music on both discs and records, and supply customers with board games and educational activities.

Everyone has past actions they regret. Felons live in an existence where they are defined by their lowest moments. Because of this, it’s hard to move past their worst decisions to live a full life. Working for stable income, with a job to help build a routine, can drastically improve a felon’s chances of escaping their previous lifestyle and moving forward into an improved one.

About Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble is known for its physical locations throughout the US, offering excellent book recommendations, author signings, and coffee shops perfect for cozy days spent reading. They also developed NOOK, a tablet reader, which places the focus on their even larger, online store.

The company was founded by Leonard Riggio in 1971 in New York City. Their headquarters has remained in the same location, but they changed ownership to Elliott Advisors, based in the United Kingdom. They are now the world’s largest bookseller, and also distribute digital media and educational content.

Barnes and Noble is recognized as the #1 reputable retailer in the United States. They serve 627 communities and employ 24,000 workers. They have been a part of the New York Stock Exchange for 26 years and capitalized around $800 million.

Barnes and Noble provides employees with an extensive list of benefits, including medical, dental, and prescription coverage. They also offer 401k’s and disability coverage, paid time off, and discounts on products. Every employee will find the specific benefits and reasonable accommodations to meet their needs.

Employees rave about the work environment. They greatly enjoy working with their coworkers, and state the discounts on the merchandise are splendid. Some locations brag of better management than others, so employee experiences with scheduling and time off vary based on the store from which they operate.

Does Barnes and Noble Hire Felons?

Based on a compilation of information from their website, Barnes and Nobles may hire felons based on a case by case basis. They make their decisions based on which position the candidate applies for, and the nature of the conviction on record.

They are willing to hire qualified candidates with misdemeanors on record. They state that they have hired felons in the past, and don’t appear to have any plans to stop hiring them in the future. They use WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit) through the federal government which helps Barnes and Noble gain security in hiring individuals that have difficulty getting or retaining jobs. To offer WOTC, they simply ask applicants to state if they have been convicted of a felony or released from prison for criminal activity within a year before the time of application.

Does Barnes and Noble run background checks?

Barnes and Noble does perform background checks. They ask applicants to sign an agreement allowing them to examine whatever information they find necessary in order to make a hiring decision. The agreement also states that applicants will release previous employers to state their knowledge and experiences with the applicant to Barnes and Noble.

Barnes and Noble does not state how far into the past they send their background check. They are concerned about felonies acquired in the past year, but have nothing stating their concern of anything further back. It is possible that they are only concerned with recent convictions.

Careers At Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble is an equal opportunity employer with a multitude of benefits available for every employee. Whether you’re after discounted books, a free coffee everyday, or health benefits, there are perks and fits for every case, and a fun work environment the whole way round.

A barista/cafe server can expect flexible hours and great discounts. Their primary responsibilities are displaying customer service skills, keeping conversation with patrons, preparing and serving drinks and food items, and performing upkeep on cafe cleanliness. This shift can vary from opening to closing with different duties for each shift.

A bookseller will perform customer service duties by helping customers find and purchase books. This position requires the candidate to have knowledge of popular books and new releases. The bookseller must remember to offer the rewards program, ensure shelves are properly stocked, and perform some housekeeping duties.

A cafe manager is in charge of the cafe in total. They will find themselves taking inventory, placing orders, and training new employees. The manager is to set the standard for performance for the baristas and display perfect etiquette, upselling abilities, and embody the core principles of the Barnes and Noble sales staff.

The children’s lead bookseller holds a similar position to the bookseller position. The candidate will find themselves working directly with customers, ensuring they locate their desired purchases, answering questions, and making suggestions.

A lead barista serves an intermediate position between the barista, and cafe manager. They will complete prep sheets and waste logs, delegate clean up duties, and drive the sales side of the cafe. They ensure that everyone is doing their job properly, and helps train new servers/baristas.

Application Process At Barnes and Noble

To begin your application process, choose your favored position from their careers website: In order to narrow results, choose your location from the left side task bar on the web page. Once you’ve found the position you desire to apply for, click “apply now” and create an account with the company. They will gather work history, your resume, and your availability. After you submit your application, they may call you in for an interview.

Be completely honest on your application about your felony, decisions, and background. They hold grounds to discontinue all interviews if they find you were not completely honest on your application. Being completely transparent about you felony can give you control over how they hear about it, your motives behind your decisions, and what you have since learned from the incident.

Try to focus your resume only on jobs and education applicable to the position you’re applying for. This will give the managers a clear understanding of your level of experience and your qualifications for the position.

A great method to build rapport with the hiring managers is to send them a list of references. This can be personal friends, previous managers, and parole officers. By giving them people with whom they can further discuss your abilities, you allow them to build a more complete idea of your personality and character traits based on the personal experiences of a trustworthy source.

Barnes and Noble is a place where coworkers get along. Proving you have strong team working skills is an essential step in the interviewing process. They want people that work well with people, both as a coworker, and as a customer service provider. In your interview, try to bring up examples of exemplary teamwork or moments where you handled difficult customer interactions in a respectful manner. These examples will prove your capabilities in the customer service industry, and display how you may soon become an asset to the company.

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