Does Best Buy Hire Felons?

It can be quite difficult for those convicted of felonies to return to their normal lives. After completing their sentence, society expects them to jump right back in.

In pursuit of a sustainable lifestyle, a felon has to have a job. Employment will help ex-convicts to start over again within their community.

About Best Buy

Best Buy offers a large selection of technology products, services, and solutions. They are also known for their experts that help out with technical concerns.

In 1966, Richard Schulze established an audio store called Sound of Music. The business expanded and in 1983, the company name was officially changed to Best Buy.

With over 1,500 locations in North America, Best Buy is easily accessible to anyone. The company employs more than 125,000 in corporate and retail staff.

Best Buy provides insurance plans, time-off programs, tuition assistance, and employee discounts. Benefits vary depending on the Best Buy store and position.

The culture in Best Buy is friendly and encouraging, placing value in fostering camaraderie within the company. They value both employee and customer satisfaction.

Does Best Buy Hire Felons?

While the company’s hiring process is rather strict, Best Buy does hire felons. Having a felony on your record will not automatically bar you from being hired, but it will be considered by the manager.

Best Buy also considers the nature of the felony. Applicants with theft convictions are likely to be passed over due to the expensive products being handled by Best Buy employees.

The company checks the time that has passed since the conviction. Felons that have had a clean record for at least 7 years have a higher chance of being considered.

The number of misdemeanors and felonies on record will also be a factor for Best Buy. This will raise a red flag especially if they are for the same reasons.

Application Process At Best Buy

Best Buy allows its applicants to create an account with their system to submit and monitor job applications.

  • First, visit their website at to see the list of available positions.
  • Use the filters to specify any preferred job location, category, level, or brand.
  • Once you’ve seen the available posts, click on the job title link on the listing. This will lead to a page that lists the role summary, responsibilities, and qualifications of the job.
  • Click the “Apply to Job” button, and fill out the necessary information on the page.
  • Submit your application and wait for the company’s feedback.

Tips To Apply At Best Buy

Dress appropriately during interviews. Formal attire, such as a suit, is not necessary, but hiring managers tend to respond positively to clean and professionally dressed applicants.

In an interview, speak with confidence and try to connect with the hiring manager. According to research, Best Buy hiring managers have a lot of influence on the application process.

Do not lie about the felony. Most managers will ask about the specifics of the situation. It is important to be honest and to take responsibility for what happened.

Best Buy’s core values include respect, humility and integrity. Interview questions will try to determine if you are a good fit for the company.


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