Does Supervalu Hire Felons?

Supervalu is a supermarket supply chain and wholesaler that distributes products to retailers, food service companies, and grocery stores.

Re-entering society after a felony is no easy task, but many companies do understand that felons deserve a second chance and can prove to be competent. When felons apply for jobs after their sentences, it takes a lot of perseverance. However, applying to several different companies can eventually land a position.

About Supervalu

Supervalu delivers the widest variety of products to food-based companies. They deliver across North America and trade internationally through their subdivision, SVI.

The company was acquired by UNFI in 2018. Supervalu itself was founded in 1870. Its headquarters are in Eden Prairie, MN.

Its recent annual sales total to about $14 billion, it currently has 3,437 stores, and has approximately 23,000 employees. In addition to making sales through delivery, it also makes sales with its own 114 retail grocery stores.

Supervalu, under UNFI, provides employees with medical, dental, vision, and flex insurance. They provide 401(k), paid volunteer time, and product discounts, as well.

Past and current employees frequently mention they enjoy working for Supervalu because the tasks and daily routine are simple. They also express they enjoy how the work is frequently fast-paced.

Does Supervalu Hire Felons?

While Supervalu did hire felons, there is contradictory information from several websites about whether UNFI (Supervalu’s new mother company) hires felons or not.

Employees and corporate websites alike both state that UNFI hires felons and that UNFI does not hire felons. There is a possibility the hiring process depends on each state’s regulations and preferences.

Does Supervalu run background checks?

Supervalu does run background checks and drug tests, as well. Research shows that acceptance letters state the necessity of both.

Drug screening and background checks are conducted toward the beginning of the hiring process. The details of these background checks are not clear.

Careers At Supervalu

Careers at Supervalu are similar to positions one might find at the back-end of grocery stores, since Supervalu is a delivery and distribution company. Some available positions include:

The Warehouse Worker checks in products, places order selections, and operates equipment in order to organize and stock products.

The Truck Driver ensures products arrive at their destination on time. He or she travels assigned routes safely and loads and unloads products.

The Delivery Driver uses equipment to transport products. It is this individual’s responsibility to maintain the vehicles to comply with safety regulations. They occasionally perform customer service.

The Administrative Assistant collects data and enters and verifies information. The assistant fact-checks the information that he or she receives and also performs receptionist duties.

The Perishable Checker is responsible for unloading products and checking and recording their quality. The position also requires stocking and keeping inventory.

Application Process At Supervalu

Interested individuals can apply to work at Supervalu using UNFI’s career portal: The careers listed on this page include positions from all of Supervalu’s family companies.

The positions at Supervalu require a lot of attention to detail–including inventories, directions, procedures, and equipment operation. Applicants should keep this in mind during their application process.

With UNFI, just like with all other companies, it is good to be honest about any felonies on one’s application. When conducting a background check, as Supervalu does, the truth will come to light regardless. Lying on an application will not express trustworthiness.

Make sure you are prepared for the physical demand that a job with UNFI would pose. In addition to conducting background checks, research shows that UNFI also tests physical agility. Unless applying to an office position, you will need to be physically capable.

Some experts recommend that felons write a letter of explanation of their sentence to bring to an interview. The letter should discuss what the felon has learned from the conviction and what he or she is doing to reestablish his/her trustworthiness.

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