Does DirecTV Hire Felons?

DirecTV is a satellite broadcast provider headquartered in El Segundo, California. AT&T acquired DirectTV in 2014. They cover parts of North and South America. DirecTV offers a variety of television packages. These deals are often bundled with deals from their parent company AT&T and its partners.

The goal of prisons is to reform individuals. However, there is little hope of reform without access to honest work. It is impossible to work towards a better future without basic necessities. No one can survive without an income. By barring felons from entering the workforce, you force them into a life of crime.

About DirecTV

DirecTV provides satellite TV to its customers. They offer live television, on-demand and streaming services. There are also bundles available with the internet provided by AT&T.

DirecTV was a division created in 1995. DirectTV split with its parent company, Hughes Communications, in 2005. From then on, DirecTV was an independent satellite television service.

DirectTV cares about the environment and its customers. In a report published in Bloomberg News, DirecTV as a member of The Civic 50. This is a listing of top community-minded companies selected by an independent organization. They also received the 2015 Partner of the Year. Energy Star awards this to leaders in energy efficiency and the environment.

Employees of DirecTV are AT&T employees as well. They have the same benefits as any other AT&T employee. Benefits include competitive pay, discounts on electronics, training programs, and tuition help. They also provide paid time off and paid holidays. They offer excellent medical, dental and vision insurance options and wellness programs.

People enjoy DirecTV’s care for its employees. There is a wide variety of positions available at DirecTV. There is also a wide variety of locations allowing for easy mobility. Training programs allow advancement to higher positions.

Does DIRECTV Hire Felons?

Based on research there is some debate on whether DirecTV hires felons. Whether DirecTV will hire someone with a felony, depends not only on the person, the time since the crime and the other aspects of their application.

Every case must be taken on its own as no two applicants have the exact same history or interviewing process.

Does DIRECTV Run Background Checks?

DirecTV is a child company of AT&T. So, applying to DirecTV is applying to a department of AT&T. A background check is required following the interviews and conditional job offer.

According to various sources, DirecTV uses Hire Right to perform its background checks. Hire right performs a comprehensive background check. They investigate employment, education, criminal records identity and motor vehicle records. Hire Right will also manage the reporting results of drug screens. How far back they are allowed to look is regulated based on location and the type of background check opted for by DirecTV.

Careers at DIRECTV

There is a wide variety of positions available at DirecTV. These range from sales to technician roles.

Retail sales consultants work to connect people and tech daily. They learn the ins and outs of the technical offerings of DirecTV. They use this knowledge to sell people technology that best fits their needs. They have a base salary with a commission bonus to encourage more sales.

Installation technicians work in and outside of customer’s connected the wide variety of AT&T and DirecTV services. They are expected to understand the systems they are installing. There is extensive training to make sure every new hire is up to speed.

In-home sales experts go in with technicians to convert warm leads to sales. They travel throughout the day in a company and work to meet sales quotas. They are also provided with the necessary training.

Cricket bilingual sales experts due to are salespeople that have the added need for speaking English and Spanish. You will work in-store, but also attend offsite events. Cross-posting is common for DirecTV positions from other child companies of AT&T.

Customer care associates answer to incoming calls about issues ranging from bills to technical issues They are the first line of defense. They handle a wide variety of issues escalating when needed.

Application Process at DirecTV

DirecTV is a subsidiary of AT&T, so the application page is a subset of the AT&T job board. You can either look at AT&T pages here. You can also bring up DirecTV positions here.

It is important to not lie about your past history as the background check will reveal past history. Any discrepancies can be refuted, but it is better to be as honest as possible to avoid these issues from the beginning

DirecTV and AT&T have a very well laid out website for their most common positions. This allows you to do research on the position in question and prepare questions about the role and a typical day. You can also ask for information about the various benefits mentioned.

DirecTV has a commitment to giving back to the community so it is a good idea to show an interest in the community work. Look at some of the work they have down and big up your favorite community project. Expressing genuine interest in giving back will leave a positive impression.

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