Does H & R Block Hire Felons?

There is always a chance for a person to live his life for the better.  A person could commit mistakes sometimes but the mistakes do not determine his entire life.

Not all felons are hardcore criminals.  Some could have committed crime out of accident, self defense and emotions so they should not be deprived of employment opportunities.

About H&R Block

H&R Block is a U.S. based taxation company that operates in North America, Brazil, India, and Australia.  It provides services such as tax preparations, banking, payroll, personal finance, and business consulting.

H&R Block was founded by Henry Bloch and Richard Bloch.  Its operation started in January 1955 after a newspaper ad of $5 tax service.  The ad attracted many clients and the Blochs decided to focus on tax services.

H&R Block has provided more than 680 million tax returns since 1955.  In 2013, H&R Block clients enjoyed a total of $50 billion tax refunds, credits, and benefits.  More than 12,000 offices and 70,000 tax professionals serve H&R clients worldwide.

H&R Block benefits for full time associates cover the medical, physical well-being, accidental and death benefits, flexible spending accounts, and wealth accumulation benefits.  Other benefits include vacation, educational assistance, and other discounts.

People prefer to work in H&R for the schedule is flexible and the job is not confined within the walls of the office.  The job is focused mainly on marketing that involves work outside the office.

Does H&R Block Hire Felons?

H&R recognizes EEO or Equal Employment Opportunity as stated in the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Although the company was never mentioned in the online lists of companies that hire felons, H&R prohibits discrimination and harassment of employees and applicants.

H&R does not hire felons for the job involves public trust.  But franchises are independent from the main company so they are free to hire anyone.  Also, franchise H&R is open to felons as long as they are good taxpayers.

Like in any other job, a felon could fail when the presence of illegal substance is detected during the drug test.  So sometimes, time could be a factor in applying particularly if the felon was a former drug user.

Based on research, H&R is unpredictable when it comes to the hiring of applicants with records of felony.  For a felon, H&R offers seasonal jobs and that there is a chance of getting hired in that job area.

Application Process At H&R Block

H&R Block prefers online application rather than personal application for faster processing.  Interested applicants may log on to

Here are some helpful tips when applying:

  • prioritizes job vacancies in non-franchise H&R Block. It is also advisable to check other job search engines for vacancies in franchise H&R Block.
  • Regularly log on to your H&R Block account for updates.
  • H&R Block gives series of exams and interviews in the process so be patient.
  • During interviews, basic questions are asked rather than technical ones. Mostly, interview questions focus on customer service and teamwork.
  • It is better to research about the company and to have basic knowledge of taxation.

Tips To Apply At H&R Block    

For a felon, it is better to choose the franchise H&R Block.  The franchise exercises a certain degree of independence from the mother company.  They could possibly hire anyone who is qualified.

It is also worth trying to apply to non-franchise for the organization is handled directly by the company so management is definitely better.

If you have a felony record, do not worry for H&R Block practices equal employment opportunity.  And also according to some online forums, H&R hires anyone as long as one is diligent in paying taxes.

During interviews, just be honest if asked about any criminal record.  The job is based on public trust so honesty is a must.  Just do not forget to be optimistic and positive if your felony case is tackled.

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