Does Tech Data Hire Felons?

TechData, one of the largest providers of IT solutions in the world positions their company for success in every way. Including through the hiring of new employees that will best fit their mission and goals.

Felons also deserve an opportunity to reach their goals and create a new empowered mission for themselves. Leaving negative situations behind and growing with a respectable company can be a catalyst for greatness. Both the employee and employer benefit in such a situation and new ideas can be shared from a different perspective that many in a company would never see.

About TechData

TechData is a multinational distributor of end-to-end technology providing optimized solutions to its customers. The company was founded in 1974 and has been in business for over 45 years. Founder Edward C Raymond will see his son continue the company as he takes on the CEO position in 1986, the same year the company begins publicly trading stocks.

TechData has been named one of Fortunes ‘World’s Most Admired Companies’ 10 years in a row. They have also earned a ranking of #40 on Information Week’s 500 in 2012 after gaining the #92 ranking on the Information Week 500 in 2011.

The company is very good to the employees also by offering not just regular insurance benefits but also a stock purchase option and tuition reimbursement. Additional appreciation events, discounts and community involvement projects get an honorable mention on the website too.

Does TechData hire felons?

Our research was inconclusive of a definitive answer. While the company follows regular EEO regulations it is not shared if the background check would affect consideration for any of the call center or internship positions.

Considering some of the contracts would contain sensitive information it is possible the company would be stricter with what is not accepted from a background check. The best practice is to apply and allow the company to make a final decision.

Does TechData run background checks?

Most companies run a background check on all new employees, TechData is no exception. They have this part of their hiring process written out on their website in order to be transparent about expectations of both the company and applicant.

Per their expectations, TechData runs the background check after offering a position. The check can take anywhere from 5-7 days to complete.

Careers at TechData

If you love technology and have a good understanding of what a multinational company would need for support, you might just have what it takes. The company prides itself on the Shared values of Integrity, Excellence, Accountability, Collaboration and Inclusion of all team members. These shared values drive decisions and interaction companywide and are used when considering candidates.

TechData does offer a paid internship, but requires the person be a current college student or a graduate within the last year. Internships are offered in almost every department and can be customized to create an experience with skills that will carry you well into the workforce after graduation.

An Entry Level Sales Rep would be expected to grow within a fast-paced environment. Sales calls and emails to meet quarterly goals, enter and tracking of orders, and willingness to own a client relationship are just some of the responsibilities of this position.

A Solutions Associate is like a Sales Rep in the knowledge used for customer service inquiries, pricing requests and forecasting. This position responds to many of the inbound call received and provides resolution or escalation and required.

Additional and more specialized roles can be found on the company website. Management, Developers, Copywriters and Software Specialists are just a few of the additional roles you can read more about.

Application Process at TechData

The hiring process at TechData is very easy to follow and takes a direct path from applying on their website at through the selection process. Once your application is approved, if chosen you will be asked to complete a video interview. An onsite interview is the last step before hearing if you’ve been chosen for the role and offered a position. The background and drug screenings will happen after you accept the offer and can take up to 7 days before completion.

Because the process is so straight forward, it is expected that candidates will do their own preparation and submit complete and honest responses during the process. Following some of the suggestions below may also be helpful.

Record your video in a quite location, or if you are participating in a phone interview be sure to avoid extra distractions.

Be timely and try any new technology before the interview. By trying the software or website before an interview there is less of a chance you will experience any technical glitches during your important conversation.

Be professional in the way you dress for your video. Even if you aren’t going to an in person interview, your appearance plays a huge part in the first impression you make. Put your best foot forward.

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