Does Big Boy Restaurants Hire Felons?

Big Boy Restaurants are a chain of fast-food burger restaurants in the United States with a 75-year history.

In our world, felons are often branded for life by their crimes. Such people deserve a second chance to return and re-integrate into society. In order for that to happen, they must be able to find steady and reliable employment. Many businesses will not employ people with a felony on their record, no matter their qualifications. This pushes known felons to the outskirts of society, and often leaves them with few options.

About Big Boy Restaurants

Big Boy Restaurants are a long-running chain of fast-food restaurants specializing in double-decker hamburgers called Big Boys.

Big Boy was originally founded in 1936 by Bob Wian as Bob’s Pantry, but after creating the first double-patty hamburger, he renamed it to Bob’s Big Boy.

The Big Boy Franchise Group operates 75 Big Boy restaurants in the United States, primarily in Michigan and California. In addition to their hamburgers, they offer American staples such as pies, coffee, and grilled sandwiches.

Among the benefits the company offers to employees are flexible hours, advancement opportunities, and for management positions, a 401k plan. Big Boy is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

People enjoy working at Big Boy for the home-town, family atmosphere the restaurants cultivate. The Big Boy chain specializes in personal service and meaningful interactions with their customers.

Does Big Boy Hire Felons?

According to multiple online sources that have reached out to Big Boy, there is a good chance that they hire felons. The franchise itself does not have an official policy, but when asked directly they said yes, they do.

Because the company does not have an official policy, individual restaurants or hirers may be more or less open to hiring former felons. However, if you have a felony on your record, there is still a good chance you may be hired.

Does Big Boy Run Background Checks?

Big Boy Restaurants have not said anything about whether they run background checks, and in our research we could not find any definite answers. Some restaurants do not run background checks, but most companies in general do.

Depending on the state you live in, those background checks may go back only seven years, or cover only charges of which the applicant was found guilty. Unfortunately, many states have background checks that go back indefinitely, and cover all charges, even those that were dropped or in which the person was found not guilty.

Careers at Big Boy

Big Boy is looking to hire people who are friendly, upbeat, and personable. Their small-town diner feel includes their employees, who are expected to help provide a safe and happy dining experience to customers.

As with any restaurant, Big Boy hires a large number of servers. Because they interact directly with the customer, servers are expected to be friendly and helpful, attending to the customer and checking to make sure that they are happy with their meal.

Greeters and cashiers also interact directly with customers. As the first and last faces customers see, they often influence whether the customer felt the restaurant was welcoming or not.

Service assistants help to keep the restaurant clean and assist servers or other staff whenever they are needed, so everything runs smoothly.

Buffet attendants keep the buffet, which is central to the restaurant, clean and sanitary, as well as stocking it with fresh and appealing food.

Big Boy prides itself on the cleanliness of its kitchens, so anyone applying to be a cook will be expected to keep a high standard of cleanliness in their work area, as well as producing quality food reliably.

Application Process at Big Boy

To apply for a job at Big Boy restaurants, go to:

Scroll down and click on the ‘Apply Now’ button. Scroll through the listings or search for jobs in your area and click on them. You will be expected to submit a resume, so be sure to have one ready before you apply.

Because Big Boy does not have an official policy on felons, and because we do not know whether they run background checks, it’s best to be as safe and honest as you possibly can. Don’t leave out jobs you were fired from, or jobs where you didn’t get along with your manager.

If asked about your criminal history, again, be honest. If you lie and are found out, you definitely won’t get the job. An in-person interview is a great place to explain what happened and how you got a felony on your record.

If you’ve never put together a resume before, do some research about resumes before you create yours. There are resources online to help you put together a professional-looking one, make use of them.

The key to success working at Big Boy is customer service. They are looking to hire people customers will feel safe and comfortable around. Your interviewer may not be looking at your felony record. He may be looking at how you present yourself.

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