Does Subway Hire Felons?

Subway is a franchise business of quick turnaround sandwich shops best known for its slogan “Eat Fresh”. Showing their mission to promote healthy lifestyles in their communities, especially around convenience.

Are we offering these healthy opportunities to all members in our communities? My community has close physical proximity to the county prison. You cannot go to the post office without passing the prison, but how many of the incarcerated receive healthy second chances upon release. I believe a healthy second chance includes opportunities at fair employment.  Lacking employment and housing, a newly released person is more likely to fall back into the same situation they just left. A job can be the most impactful action creating a positive life direction. Helping increasing respect for themselves and others in the community.

About Subway

The first Subway shop founded in 1965 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, was not a planned goal of the founder. The shop was opened by Peter Buck and Fred DeLuca as a way for Fred to help pay his college tuition.

As of 2019, Subway boasted more than 41, 000 individual franchisees owning shops in 100 countries around the world. Yum!

Each location focuses on making their communities a better place. Following three core principles, each location can ensure the best experience for the customer. Those principals are exceptional value and service, affordably priced and high-quality menus, and great systems that support constant learning and improvements. In addition, the brand donates millions of meals annually to fight hunger around the world.

Subway employees enjoy many different benefits. Benefits such as group medical and dental insurance, 401K opportunities, advancement plans, and paid time off. These may vary based on location and position.

Does Subway Hire Felons?

A review of many online resources and Subway’s own press releases, the answer is not stated in black and white.  Due to the many locations worldwide, it is difficult to maintain one strict standard. The information points toward yes, felons have an equal opportunity at employment.

In the United States, the franchise owners must follow the EEOC regulations. Besides, Subway also follows the company’s best practice of hiring the needed skills of each position. If you have the skills, you can apply for the position with an equal chance of employment.

Does Subway run background checks?

Research on the question shows each franchisee runs the hiring process differently. The answer may vary by location on the information reviewed. Multiple resources show locations do run at least a background check. Many shops will not consider the employment of those with violent, sexual, or forgery offenses. Some locations also exclude those with theft offenses.

Background checks are completed after speaking with the applicant in the first interview. It is beneficial, to be honest when speaking with the manager about any offenses. Each location is owned and operated by an individual, who acting as the owner/manager will conduct the interview. This allows the applicant to ask questions or give an explanation to skills or background as they see necessary.

Careers at Subway

Subway offers many opportunities for employment. From the introductory ‘Sandwich Artist’ up through the franchise owner, there is a job to fit your skills.

The most common opening at any location is for a Sandwich Artist. A Sandwich Artist is the first person you meet behind the counter. He or she will prepare your sandwich according to your directions. Every sandwich artist is expected to be friendly, customer-oriented and well-groomed. As a sandwich artist, you take customer orders, prepare the food, clean and maintain all areas of the restaurant, and complete payment.

Subway does include an extensive training plan for all their employees. Employees must complete specific training. This includes the menu, food standards, company policies, and extra customer service actions.

A ‘Sandwich Artist PRO’ would be another position to aspire to within the Subway company structure. This position continues to meet the expectations of a Sandwich Artist. A PRO acts as a lead by providing mentoring and lower-level skills training to newer employees. This can also be a stepping stone on the path to management or ownership.

As an Assistant Manager or Manager of a Subway location, responsibilities include setting the tone and atmosphere of the shop. Hiring, scheduling, and resolution of customer complaints fall under the umbrella of responsibility. Managers maintain calm and show excellence. They provide training, marketing or providing team-building exercises.

Application Process at Subway

Applying at Subway is as simple as using your phone to visit

You will see additional descriptions of each position available. You will then be asked to find a location close to you. You can also apply at your local Subway restaurant and fill out an application.

When filling out an application consider the following to increase your chances of hire.

Be Honest. Filling out your application honestly, allows the hiring manager to offer you an interview based on your skills. When asked during an interview about your past, be honest. Then focus on what you learned during that experience that could benefit the location you’ve applied to. How are you going to increase their business and make the experience better for others?

Be Professional. If your skills are strong you may be wondering what to do at the interview stage. By dressing respectfully and showing up on time you are making a good first impression. That will show what the manager can expect in your performance if hired.

Be Consistent. During an interview, you want to show how you will make a valuable addition to the team. If possible, show what your experiences have taught you. Discuss new skills and how you have used those skills to continue improving. Give examples of your consistent improvement and value to a new team.

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