Does Aflac Hire Felons?

What better way than a duck ‘quacking’ your company’s name to get attention? Aflac an insurance company covering the unexpected accidents in your life has done just that. And they hope to become a household name for that reason.

What about on the job front? Let’s look at how Aflac positions their company for success in our community with those living and looking for work. I’d like to include the felon population who are just returning to the daily grind of a regular work schedule. I believe these individuals deserve a second chance to make amends to our society and now give back. What opportunities does this population have, and how does Aflac play a role?

About Aflac

Aflac is one of the leading worldwide suppliers of Accident and Disability Insurance. The company is known for both its services to provide cash when the unexpected happens, and for their mascot the Aflac Duck.

Aflac was founded in 1955 under a different name ‘American Family Life Insurance Company’. Later, in 1964, the company changed its name to ‘American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus”. In 1989 the company began using the acronym AFLAC. In 2000, the AFLAC duck joined their marketing efforts and has become the most recognized piece of the brand. Each year the Aflac Duck can be seen in commercials selling and providing accident and disability insurance to those in need.

Aflac is listed as one of Fortune 500 Companies. Aflac has received recognition on the list of World’s Most Admired Companies 13 times. The CEO, Dan Amos, received the ‘Salute to Greatness” award in 2013. Aflac also contributes to groups such as the Red Cross and Smithsonian National Museum. The company established the Aflac Cancer Center to help treat childhood cancers in 1995.

As the company continues to grow, it has provided benefits to its customers through technological advances. In 2015 Aflac began to process claims within one business day. In 2018 received ‘Best of Show’ and ‘Tech for Good’ awards at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Employees at Aflac enjoy all the perks of a successful company. With great health benefits, 401K options, more Aflac supplemental policies, and supports for better work-life balance employees can feel secure. Aflac also offers a diverse community and strives to provide employees with a family-like culture to grow and succeed in. Employees are excited to share their company culture and take part in team-building and community service activities.

Does Aflac Hire Felons?

Aflac encourages applicants of all backgrounds to apply, including those with a criminal history. The company considers all prospects as outlined by federal, state and local government requirements. Based on extra research through many online sources, the truth is seen as rarely.

The reasons vary in their answers. Some of our sources state the need to be licensed for insurance sales as the main reason. Fewer sources note the amount of confidential information used in the insurance industry as a possible reason. Other sources mention the varied positions and remind us that requirements change.

Does Aflac run background checks?

As mentioned above, you must be licensed to sell insurance with Aflac. This process is separate from the hiring process but will require both a background check and fingerprinting. According to some of our sources, Aflac uses the license as proof of background check requirements.

Not all positions deal in sales. If you pass the 2 rounds of sales interviews with your local Aflac manager will be required to complete the licensing process upon hire.

Careers at Aflac

Working at Aflac can be a rewarding job for anyone who is motivated by communications with others. There is room in every location to move up within the company, and Aflac offers training and supports for this goal.

Aflac’s Customer Service Specialist provides call center support and is not located in all areas. You do not need a license for this position but would be required to complete company training on all products and services. Requires a High School diploma or equivalent.

Aflac offers intern opportunities. These opportunities offer a 10-week program that teaches about investments and data management of such investments. Candidates are typically students and are required to be eligible for work in the U.S.

The position of Aflac Representative is a sales position in direct contact with finding and servicing new customers. This employee handles their own client lists and loads. This person must have good communication skills, be well organized and self-motivated.  You would need to attain your license for this position.

Application Process At Aflac

Interested in applying as a Customer Service Specialist or another team member? The best method of application is online through their website at

The application process with Aflac begins with the receipt of your application. After review, if you are chosen as a possible candidate, you will be invited to a group interview to learn more about the company and the roles available. A second interview will be set up for those who are still interested in the opportunity.

The second interview is held with the location manager and will cover your personal background and skills. This is the time, to be honest, and to sell your skills, knowledge, and personality. After this interview, the manager will decide who is the best fit for the open position.

Concerned on how to deal with issues from your past? Own them. Be honest about them. Then explain the lessons you learned and how that will help you move forward within the position you applied for.

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