Does GameStop Hire Felons?

GameStop is a retail chain that sells video games, consoles, and other accessories.

When you get out of prison, finding work is necessary. By finishing your sentence, you show that you are ready to transition back into the community. Working is a great way to do this. It is also linked to preventing recidivism.

Below you will find information about GameStop and its application process.

About GameStop

GameStop sells video games, consoles, and other related products. They sell game themed merchandise. They also have cleaning and repair services. Customers can sell games to the stores as well.

In 1984, an educational software seller opened. In 1999, it sold to Barnes and Noble. Barnes and Noble later merged with Funco and changed the name to GameStop. GameStop broke off as its own company in 2004.

Now, GameStop has about 23,000 employees. It has about 6,600 stores scattered across 14 countries. It has won a few different customer service awards.

GameStop employees get health insurance benefits. They also have access to 401(k) retirement accounts. GameStop provides education and career development opportunities as well. Employees also get discounts on various products.

GameStop employees enjoy working there because of other perks as well, like NextGen. This program lets employees connect and network with each other. It is also a fun place to work because you get to see a bunch of games. GameStop also has a very diverse and community involved culture.

Does GameStop Hire Felons?

Previous and current employees confirm that GameStop is willing to hire felons. But, as with all businesses, this goes on a case by case basis.

For example, certain crimes may be more acceptable than others. Serious violent or sexual crimes may be more cause for concern. You will also be around kids, so they will be more mindful of those types of crimes. The amount of time since your crime will also play a role.

Does GameStop run Background Checks?

Research shows that GameStop does complete background checks. These always include criminal checks. They may or may not include drug screenings. But, to be safe, you should assume that you will need to complete one.

Criminal background checks show all charges on your record. This includes both felonies and misdemeanors, as well as details of the crime.

Drug screenings show all substances in your system. This includes both illegal and prescription substances. Note, you can have prescription drugs as long as your doctor gave you a valid prescription.

Careers at GameStop

There are a few entry level jobs available at GameStop. Some of these include;

  • Game advisor
  • Quality assurance technician
  • Software associate
  • Inventory control associate
  • Customer service

Game advisors work in the retail stores. They are responsible for assisting customers and selling products. You need basic math skills for this job since you will need to use the cash register.

Quality assurance technicians are responsible for hardware quality maintenance. You will test all hardware systems before they go out for sale. Experience with a variety of consoles is beneficial.

Software associates have a similar job. But, they work with video game quality, not consoles. They are responsible for making sure that all games and software is working before sale. Again, knowledge of games and consoles is helpful here too.

Inventory control associates help stores keep products stocked. They keep track of which stores need which products. They also track the products to make sure everything goes where it needs to go. Basic math skills are helpful.

Customer service has a few different tiers. At the most basic, you are responsible for answering customer questions and concerns. You should keep up on company policies and sales to do this job.

Application Process at GameStop

GameStop allows you to apply online for its job postings. Once you find a job that looks interesting, click the link. After that, click “apply now” and the website walks you through the rest of the process. You do need to create an account.

For the application and resume, remember to be honest about your record. GameStop will find out in the background check, so there is no sense in lying. It will sound better coming from you anyway.

If it does come up in the interview, be humble and matter of fact. Accept responsibility and let them know about actions you have taken to change.

On your application, list any education or training you have received. This includes any technical training programs you received while incarcerated.

Being a video game company, knowledge of the gaming industry is important. You can list your knowledge of various consoles. During the interview, feel free to talk about some of your favorite games. This shows that you have knowledge of the industry.

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