Does T-Mobile Hire Felons?

Employers are aware that the practice of excluding applicants with criminal history from possible employment is subtle bigotry and a violation of civil rights.

Yet, companies still investigate one’s background, and of course, for no other valid purpose than to check a candidate’s trustworthiness. But is it necessarily the case that one’s past mistakes relate to his future behavior?

About T-Mobile

T-Mobile US, a publicly traded company, is a relatively new wireless carrier and data provider in the US. It also serves as host network for mobile VPN operators.

Originally known as VoiceStream Wireless PCS, T-Mobile was once a subsidiary of Western Wireless Corporation. Deuthsche Telekom AG purchased VoiceStream in 2001 and renamed it as T-Mobile.

Deutsche Telekom AG is a German company which owns 65% of T-Mobile. Serving more than 71 million customers, T-Mobile employs over 50,000 employees and was listed by Forbes as one of “America’s Best Employers”.

The company offers excellent benefits such as mobile service discounts, tuition fee assistance, paid parental leave, free money for childcare, medical-dental-vision coverage and other perks.

What employees enjoy the most are the perks and training opportunities. There is also a work-life balance and the environment is full of fun and energy.

Do Felons Get Hired At T-Mobile?

T-Mobile conducts a background check simultaneously with the interview stage of the hiring process. But it depends on the store location, as some states do not allow employers to investigate their applicants before a job offer.

In these states, T-Mobile’s hiring practice is to extend a conditional offer pending a background check. But it doesn’t mean that the offer can be legally rescinded on ground of the candidate’s police records.

A former felon has the possibility of being hired at T-Mobile because his criminal history is relevant only when the nature of the offense is related to the job.

Communication and highly technical industries value skills and talents. It would be a waste if merits are measured only based on one’s criminal conviction or misdemeanor in the past.

Application Process At T-Mobile

Available jobs can be found at the company website. Application is also accessible online. The following is an outline of the company’s standard hiring process:

  • Create an online account and upload resume
  • Take an assessment test which takes about an hour to be completed
  • Phone or video interview within a week but not longer than three months (only if you passed the assessment test)
  • Additional interviews (for other positions such as management)
  • Background check which takes three up to five business days (except in others states which prohibit background checks before extending a an offer)
  • Job contract offer

Tips When Applying For Job At T-Mobile

Prepare for questions about hypothetical situations that are usually encountered in the job you’re applying for. For the retail or customer service position, for example, you may be asked on how you deal with rude customers.

Team building skills are also constantly highlighted in T-Mobile. It is important that you articulate how your past experience relates with the job, how you handle stress and what difference can you make.

As a former felon, you need to be honest about the details of your criminal record if brought out in the interview. T-Mobile conducts background check and providing false information is a valid ground for cancellation of a job offer.

Above all, show confidence in your abilities. Leave a positive impression about your character and keen motivation to perform your best despite the taint of an arrest record.


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