Does Boeing Hire Felons?

Boeing is a leader in the aerospace industry; they are actually the world’s largest aerospace company. They manufacturer many different products from jetliners to space and security systems. Boeing has offices worldwide.

All felons should be able to have a chance at gainful employment. Finding a good job contributes towards the successful rehabilitation of a felon.  Having a job encourages people to have goals and dreams, which is important to getting back on your feet after a felony.

About Boeing

Boeing focuses on manufacturing airplanes, but they also dip into other sectors like defense and space systems as well. Their mission is to make sure all employees have a shared future vision and to meet all upcoming challenges successfully.

The company was founded in 1916 in Seattle, WA. By William Edward Boeing. They immediately focused on the aviation industry, and that has remained the core focus of their business.

They now have offices all over American and in 65 different countries. They are regularly recognized as the leader in the aviation industry.

Boeing offers a great benefit package to its employees. Among other things, this includes medical coverage, a company matched retirement plan, and a flexible work schedule.

Employees truly enjoy working at Boeing. One of the primary reasons is that they can flex their hours, allowing them to work different schedules that meet their personal needs.

Does Boeing Hire Felons?

Boeing advertises themselves as being an equal opportunity employer. They state that applicants with past felony convictions are permitted to online and follow the same application process as anyone else.

While Boeing is open to hiring felons, you’ll want to be careful of which jobs you apply for. Some jobs are in the defense industry and require a security clearance. You will be unable to get a security clearance if you have a felony, making you ineligible for that particular job.

Does Boeing run background checks?

Yes, Boeing absolutely will run a background check on you, and in some cases, it might be a deeper investigation if the position requires a security clearance. Any background check will happen after you apply for a position, and before you start employment.

Many large companies, including Boeing, use background checks as part of the application process. You should be honest throughout the application and interview process. Hiding the felony will definitely come out during the background check.

Careers at Boeing

While there are a variety of career options at Boeing, many of them require significant formal education, and clean background checks. Here are some entry level possibilities at Boeing.

Supplier Program Management: while you will need a bachelor’s degree for this position, it is a job that you can possibly do with a felony on your record. It involves processing material orders.

Procurement Analyst: You’ll also need a bachelor’s degree for this position. In this role, you’ll act as a Buyer and purchase parts and equipment.

Assembler: You might be able to land this position without a degree, and with a felony. In this role, you will be assembling parts, and working on an assembly line in a manufacturing plant.

In-Tank Mechanic: This job also likely won’t require a degree. You’ll work as a mechanic fixing up broken airplanes, tanks, etc.

Aircraft Test Technician: In this job, you’ll be interpreting drawings and determing the process to produce defect-free work. You will be inspecting aircraft production.

Application Process at Boeing

Like many companies, to apply at Boeing start on their website. This process is all explained in detail on the website, and you’ll need to select a job to apply for and upload your resume.

You should plan to be candid about your past during any job application. You might be able to impress the recruiting team with your honesty, and that could make up for a blemish on your record. Hiding your past will not be good for you, especially since the background check is likely to uncover the felony.

During an interview, be honest if asked about your past. Own your mistake, and explain that you are ready to move forward and contribute positively to society.

To be successful at Boeing, you’ll want to work hard, and show your management team that you can work well with your teammates towards a common goal.

When creating your resume, highlight any skills you have that you can advertise. While you might not have direct experience, it’s likely that you have some transferable skills.

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