Does Target Hire Felons?

A felon’s way out of the prison gates is a continuing rehabilitation. This is the principle by which the American prison system was founded since the 1970s.

Studies show that recidivism is less likely with former inmates who were stably employed after incarceration. It goes to prove that the principle works when private industries join the government in helping the ex-convicts with their redemption efforts.

About Target

Target is an American company that operates discount retail and grocery stores. Its hypermarket and full department formats are known as SuperTarget, CityTarget and TargetExpress.

The Dayton Company, Target’s original name, was founded by George Dayton. The first Target store was started in Minnesota, where the corporation is now based.

Today, Target is next to Walmart in discount retailing. It operates over 1,800 stores in the United States and employs more than 360,000 employees worldwide.

Target employees enjoy a 10% discount from their purchases in any Target location. Other benefits include health insurance which covers domestic partners, Employee Assistance Program, 401K, vision, dental and others.

Target stores are a decent workplace; no racist or sexual harassment is tolerated. Most employees rated the company high when it comes to a happy work environment.

Do Felons Get Hired At Target?

Any company would say that they do not disqualify any applicant with criminal history. But actions speak louder than words, and Target may just be one of those companies that can be counted on for its own.

Target has, in fact, began removing the need to disclose one’s criminal history in its application forms. This is true regardless of the State where the store is located.

This new policy may at least improve a felon’s chance of getting deliberated for a job. Unlike before, one’s application is likely thrown away in the first instance just by seeing the “criminal record box” checked.

Of course, the company has to protect its reputation and property by exercising its prerogative of doing background checks. Corollary, the chance of getting hired may be minimal if the offense is theft-related.

Application Process At Target

Target conducts job fairs whenever it opens new stores. Job hunters may apply at any time, but application is possible only by walking in-store. Company kiosks are designated inside in which to submit the online application.

The following is an outline of Target’s standard hiring procedure:

  • Fill out the details in the online application form
  • Take an assessment test or online personality test
  • Actual interview with a team of two employees (the questions are mostly about hypothetical situations and behavioral-based)
  • On site drug testing (If you passed the interview)
  • Conditional offer pending a background check

Tips When Applying For Job At Target

Target’s hiring processes are highly structured. This shows in the unique way the selection is made by future co-employees and the questions asked.

Your keen interest for the job will be emphasized by wearing business attire. Grooming and cleanliness details such as hair and nails will be scrutinized as well.

If finally your conditional offer did not push through, politely ask the hiring team the reason why you failed, so you would know which areas you need to improve.

They probably wouldn’t tell that it’s about your criminal history, as the company has faced a lot of discrimination suits before. Know your rights.

Some Target stores do not follow the two-employee team, in which case you will probably be interviewed singly by a manager or supervisor. Be confident and give your best shot.


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