Does In-N-Out Burger Hire Felons?

One needs to be economically productive in order to lead a good quality of life. Consequently, former felons probably need it more than as how regular citizens do because being productive may help them turn away from being repeat offenders.

If there is one thing that an employer may learn about applicants with criminal history, it is their potential to rehabilitate themselves by being hard workers.

About In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger started out as a small hamburger stand in Baldwin, California. Now, it continues to expand as a chain of fast-food restaurants across several US stat

The first In-N-Out Burger store was opened in 1948 by Harry Synder and his wife, Esther. The restaurant chain gradually grew but as of date, it remains a privately-owned company.

The company has never allowed franchising nor has gone public. Though the menu of In-N-Out Burger lacks variety, the store itself has consistently topped the rankings for quick service among burger chains in America.

When it comes to employee personnel policies, In-N-Out Burger is known to be benevolent especially with its above-minimum salary. In 2013, a starting salary of $10.53 an hour has been the highest among fast-food chains in the US.

Aside from better pay, In-N-Out Burger allows autonomy and flexibility of schedule to accommodate work-and-life balance for its employees. It also offers growth opportunities for hard workers who want to build a career with the company.

Does In-N-Out Burger Hires Felons

The management team in each In-N-Out Burger store is responsible for its own hiring decisions. That is why it is hard to tell if the criminal history of a candidate would be an issue in this company’s application process.

What is certain, however, is that the blanket policy on screening out applicants based on convictions or arrest records is a taboo nowadays.

Companies are careful enough not to tread on thin line between management prerogatives as against discrimination issues.

In states where the ban-the-box policy has been enacted, an applicant may go all the way to the job offer stage without his criminal history being scrutinized.

Thus, a former felon may have a larger chance of being hired in In-N-Out Burger stores that are located in these states. As of 2017, these states include California, Oregon, Missouri, Minnesota, Hawaii, Illinois, Vermont, etc.

Application Process At In-N-Out Burger

You may directly apply at an In-N-Out Burger store for a vacant position. You may get updates whenever an In-N-Out Burger store opens for hiring here. The hiring process is as follows:

  • Submit your application directly to the store that opened the vacancy
  • Within 60 days, the management team may set up an interview by emailing or contacting the candidate whose qualifications are suitable for the position
  • Candidate may follow up by going directly to the store applying for or by contacting the Human Resources Department at [email protected]
  • If there’s no feedback yet, candidate may apply again at the end of 60 days if he wishes to be considered for another position

Tips To Apply At In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger recruiters look for employees whose personality and abilities align with the company’s culture or work environment. In a fast-food chain, a team member must exhibit responsiveness, high customer service and amiability.

Most of all, a candidate must be aware of the company’s core ideals, which are high quality products and cleanliness. Questions and evaluations may probably be based on acquaintance with these values rather than on one’s criminal history.

Always remember that in states where fair-hiring laws are implemented, employers cannot ask about your criminal record unless a case is pending.

Just answer any of their questions truthfully and be careful enough not to voluntarily mention anything about a past conviction.


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