Does Sprint Hire Felons?

Sprint provides a variety of cell phone and internet services. They also sell phones and other electronic devices.

One of the first things you should do after release is get a job. Released prisoners have shown that they can change. You have the potential to be a great employee. Getting a job is also important to maintaining a non-criminal lifestyle.

Below you will find information about Sprint and their application process.

About Sprint

Sprint offers cell phone and internet services in the U.S. They sell a variety of electronic devices. They also provide as needed repair and tech support services.

Sprint’s roots actually go all the way back to the 1800’s. A train company created a telephone system for its employees. It would later sell time on the system to other companies under the name Sprint. The railroad sold Sprint to a communications company. After some mergers, it became the Sprint Corporation.

Sprint now has about 28,500 employees. It has over 4,500 locations. It is one of the largest cell phone companies in the United States. Sprint has won several awards for its contributions to the technology field.

Sprint offers free wireless service to its employees. Friends and family also receive discounts. Sprint has several wellness programs for employees as well. It also offers tuition reimbursement.

Sprint is also enjoyable to work for because of community involvement. They do a lot of work with charities. They are also committed to sustainability.

Does Sprint Hire Felons?

According to the website and employee testimony, Sprint does hire felons. Like any other business, they take personal factors into account.

So, some of your traits and factors about the offense will play into this decision. For example, type of crime and amount of time since the crime are important.

Does Sprint Run Background Checks?

Sprint confirms on their website that they do background checks. They also note that they do drug screenings.

Companies use these checks to find out about your criminal record. These checks will show all charges. This means any felony or misdemeanor charge will show on the report.

Drug screenings show any drugs that are in your system. This includes both prescription and illegal substances. You can have prescription drugs in your system as long as you have a valid prescription.

Careers at Sprint

Sprint has many entry level jobs available. Some of the job opportunities include;

  • Sales
  • Tech support
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Customer service

Sprint has a couple different sales jobs available. The first kind is retail sales. This is working in a store selling products to customers. You will need to know about product availability and deals. Basic math skills are important.

Sprint also has inbound telesales positions. These jobs have almost the same tasks as retail sales. You should know about product availability and deals. But, with telesales, you make sales to customers calling in.

Tech support positions work to keep the company technology and software running. You also assist customers with issues on their devices. You should have some technical knowledge or training before applying.

Repair jobs include fixing physical issues with customer devices. For this, you should be aware of company policies and warranties. You will likely also need to assist with company repairs as well.

Customer service employees work in the call center. They get calls from customers about different questions and concerns. You should know about policies for this job as well. You should also know who to transfer the customer to if you cannot address their question or concern.

Application Process

Sprint has online applications available for its job postings. When you find a job that looks interesting, click the link. On the posting page, you will see a button that says “apply now”. Click that and the website walks you through the rest of the application process.

The first rule about applying with a criminal record is be honest. Even if you do not put it on your application, they will find it in the background check.

If the record comes up in the interview, accept responsibility for the offense. You should take this time to explain how you have changed and why you will no longer commit that crime.

Sprint likes to see employees with team work and customer service skills. They also value community, so any volunteer work or community activities looks great.

Some other skills they look for are basic academic skills and technical skills. If you had any sort of training program during your sentence, feel free to list this on your resume.

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