Does Tesla Motors Hire Felons?

Tesla is a car company. They are most notable for their self-driving cars.

When you finish your sentence, you will want to find work. This is important for the transition back to a normal, non-criminal lifestyle. By this time, you have also paid your debts and you should have the right to work.

Below you will find information about Tesla and its application process.

About Tesla

Tesla sells 7 different types of vehicles. Some of these have autopilot or are even self-driving. Tesla also has service centers for vehicle maintenance.

Tesla started in 2003. Its founders wanted to create electric cars that were appealing to users. Their first model, the Roadster, launched in 2008. It released several car and truck models in the years following.

Tesla now has about 45,000 employees. Its factory is in Fremont, California and it has about 260 retail locations throughout the US. Tesla has won several business and safety awards. For example, it had the first SUV to earn a 5-star safety rating in every category.

Tesla employees receive several benefits including health and life insurance. They receive 401(k)’s. They also get discounts on apparel and stocks.

Employees say that they like working at Tesla because of the challenges. The work is challenging, but not difficult. There are many learning opportunities. People also admire Tesla’s dedication to energy efficiency.

Does Tesla Hire Felons?

Previous and current employees confirm that Tesla does hire felons. Hiring policies may vary based on the specific job or offense.

Certain offenses are generally turned away. For example, this might include any offense that shows a risk to customers or property. You might get a little more leniency for old offenses versus new ones as well.

Does Tesla Run Background Checks?

Employees also confirm that Tesla runs background checks. This includes criminal record checks. It also includes drug tests. Some jobs may also check driving history.

Criminal record checks show all details of your criminal record. This includes felony and misdemeanor offenses. The checks also show the date of the offense and specifics of the crime.

Drug tests detect any substance, illegal or prescription, that is in your system. You can take prescription drugs as long as you have a valid prescription from your doctor. But, illegal drugs may lead to get disqualified from the job.

Careers at Tesla

Several entry level jobs are available at Tesla. Some of the most common ones include;

  • Material handler
  • Production associate
  • Spare parts clerk
  • Vehicle readiness specialist
  • Warehouse associate

Material handlers are responsible for transporting products. You are responsible for packaging the products and maintaining the area. You will need forklift experience and you should be able to do physical labor. Basic computer skills are also a plus.

Production associates work to produce materials needed for Tesla vehicles. This also involves a lot of physical labor. Technical experience is a plus.

Spare parts clerks keep track of spare parts and inventory. They help to transport materials as well. Like the others mentioned above, this is a very physical job.

Vehicle readiness specialists prepare vehicles for sale. This includes making sure everything works and they are clean. For this job, you need a clean driving record of at least two years. You should be able to do heavy lifting for this job.

Warehouse associates keep track of inventory at the warehouses. They also assist installation crews with light assembly. Technical experience is a plus. This also involves heavy lifting.

Application Process at Tesla

You can apply online for Tesla job postings. Find the job you want, select it, and click “apply”. The website will then direct you to create a profile and submit the application.

Again, Tesla is willing to hire felony offenders. They also do background checks. So, it is important to be honest about your criminal record on the application.

If it comes up during the job interview, be honest about it. Take responsibility and explain any actions you have taken to turn your life around. Also explain why you want to start working again.

Tesla is very dedicated to green transportation. So, make sure you mention that this is important to you. Also include any work or volunteer experience you have.

Any technical experience you have is also important to mention. Sometimes, you receive training programs during incarceration. You can list these on the application as well. Also list any other formal education or degrees that you have.

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