Does Sam’s Club Hire Felons?

Sam’s Club is a department store chain. Walmart, Inc. owns and operates the chain.

After you finish your sentence, you need to try to get back into the routine of everyday life. One way to do this is by working. You deserve to be able to work despite your criminal record. Working also gives you resources to avoid slipping back into crime.

Below you will find information about Sam’s Club and its application process.

About Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club provides bulk groceries and other products. Some of their departments include personal care, home goods, and electronics. Some locations have a bakery and/or health services. The store also offers a pick up service where customers can pre-order groceries.

Sam Walton founded Sam’s Club in 1983. He had been a small business owner already. Sam’s Club came from wanting to help other small business owners have access to products.

Today, Sam’s Club has about 2.2 million employees. It has 600 stores in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. It has stores in Brazil, China, and Mexico as well. The company has won several awards, such as a PLMA for top store brand.

Sam’s Club employees get health insurance benefits. They also get some education benefits. They receive retirement accounts. Employees also receive discounts on various products.

People enjoy working at Sam’s Club because of competitive wages and room for movement. Sam’s Club is also involved in community projects. Part time employees also have access to benefits.

Does Sam’s Club hire Felons?

Research shows that Sam’s Club does hire felons. But, Sam’s Club makes hiring decisions based on a few different factors.

For example, the type of crime will affect the hiring decision. Generally, sexual and violent felonies are not accepted, but other types might be. Sam’s Club will also consider the time since the crime in the hiring decision.

Does Sam’s Club run Background Checks?

The Sam’s Club career website confirms that they do background checks. They also complete drug screenings. These both happen after the interview.

Background checks show anything on your criminal record. So, this includes both felonies and misdemeanors. They also show details of the offense.

Drug screenings show any substance that you have used. This includes both prescription and illegal substances. You can have prescription medication as long as you have a valid prescription.

Careers at Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club has a few entry level positions available to you. Some of these include;

  • Production
  • Car wash/gas station
  • Fresh food
  • Cafe
  • Maintenance

With production jobs, you will work with a variety of products. So, having knowledge about store offerings is important. Technical skills are a plus since you will be producing various items and packages.

Car wash and gas station employees work with customers to provide vehicle maintenance. Again, some technical knowledge would likely help, but is not necessary. You will also need to take inventory and make sure the location has all necessary supplies in stock.

Fresh food associates are responsible for checking freshness of food. They also work in the deli and bakery to produce food for sale. You do not need any prior training. But, ServSafe and OSHA certifications would be beneficial.

Cafe associates prepare meal items for sale. Generally, Sam’s Club menus include items like pizza, sandwiches, and other simple items. You need to have basic math skills as you will use the cash register. ServSafe and OSHA certifications would be useful here as well.

Maintenance associates are responsible for keeping the store and property clean. Some of this job will take place outside. There are no specific physical requirements, but you will be on your feet a lot.

Application Process at Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club has online applications for its job postings. Click on the job that interests you and click “apply now”. The website will then walk you through creating an account. After that, it walks you through submitting the application.

For your criminal record, you need to be honest. If the application asks, do not lie. If possible, explain the situation on the application and how you have changed. You should do this during the interview as well.

When discussing your record, stay calm and explain the facts. Let them know about anything you have done to improve since your conviction.

On the application and resume, list skills specific to the job that you apply for. Also list any previous work experience.

You should also list any education you have received. If you got any kind of training during your incarceration, you should list this as well.

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