Does Menards Hire Felons?

Menards is a department store that sells a variety of products.

Everyone deserves equal rights and that includes working. After you finish your sentence, it is important for you to get a job. This will help life feel normal. It will also help you avoid problems that led you to crime in your past.

Below you will find information about Menards and their application process.

About Menards

Menards sells repair supplies, home goods, groceries, and pet supplies. They also offer buying guides and support to help you find what you need.

John Menard Jr. founded the company in 1958 due to growing demand in the farm industry. In 1969, Menards started manufacturing and warehousing. Menards opened a second distribution center in 1998 and have been growing since.

Menards now has 350 stores and is the largest retailer in 14 states. They have about 45,000 employees. Menards has earned several awards. For example, they had top spot on the J.D. Power rankings of customer satisfaction in 2018. They have also earned a WEAU sustainability award.

Menards offers employee health insurance and 401(k)’s. They also have a profit sharing program and employee discounts. They provide training and advancement opportunities as well.

Employees have said that Menards is a great place to work. They report that it is a friendly work environment. They also like the training opportunities and bonuses. Employees get more hourly pay on weekends and holidays.

Does Menards Hire Felons?

According to employees, Menards does hire felons. But, it is up to the store’s discretion. So, stores may not overlook every felony in the hiring decision.

For example, they are a retail and customer service company. So, they might be wary of someone with violent or financial charges. The time since your charge is also an important factor.

Does Menards run Background Checks?

Employees have confirmed that Menards does run background checks. They will do criminal history checks and drug screenings.

The criminal history checks show full details of your criminal record. So, they will see any felony or misdemeanor charges on your record.

Drug screenings show any substance that is in your system. This includes both illegal and prescription drugs. You can take prescription drugs as long as you have a valid prescription from your doctor.

Careers at Menards

Menards offers several entry level job opportunities. Some of these include;

  • Cashier
  • Stocker
  • Production team member
  • Warehouse team member
  • Yardhorse driver

Cashiers work in the retail locations. You need to know about product availability and any sales. You will need basic math and reading skills for this job.

Stockers also work at retail locations. You are responsible for stocking the shelves. You should be able to do some light lifting for this job, since you will be carrying products.

Production team members work in the warehouses. There are a couple different job responsibilities. Some of these include forklift, machines, and assembly. You should have some technical knowledge and be able to do heavy lifting.

Warehouse team members also work in the warehouses. You are responsible for getting orders together for pick up. You will also then load the items onto delivery trucks. You need to do heavy lifting with this job as well.

Yardhorse drivers are responsible for operating tractors and trailers. There are several locations that you could work at. Experience operating these machines is a plus, but not needed. A CDL is also a plus, but you should at least have a driver’s license.

Application Process at Menards

You can apply online through Menards website. Their job postings are all listed on the same page. You can filter by location, though. Click on the job you want and click “apply” to complete the application.

If the application asks you about a criminal record, you need to be honest. You do not want them finding out through a background check instead of hearing it from you.

If it comes up on the application or interview, explain what happened. Also, be sure to let them know about any steps you have taken to change your ways. This will show them that you are not a liability.

Menards is a very team oriented company. So, team work skills are important for a resume. You can write this as “interpersonal” skills as well. You could also mention leadership skills.

Basic academic and technical skills are also great. If you have any training, even from during your incarceration, list it on the application.

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