Does Ralph Lauren Hire Felons?

Ralph Lauren was founded in 1967 by Ralph Lauren. This fashion designer originally worked as a store in a store until 1972. This was when their first standalone store was created. Now the company is known worldwide.

Starting over after incarceration is often very difficult. Money is always a concern. A stable income helps individuals focusing on rebuilding their lives. By ensuring that felons can be gainfully employed, it ensures they can have more time to be productive members of society.

About Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is a fashion company offering everything from affordable mid-range clothes to high end luxury clothing. They offer sell apparel, home goods, fragrances and accessories. They have nine different clothing brands from more affordable to expensive. The brands are Chaps, Lauren Ralph Lauren Polo Ralph Lauren, Double RL, Ralph Lauren Childrenswear, Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren, Club Monaco, Ralph Lauren Purple Label and Ralph Lauren Collection brands.

Ralph Lauren started his namesake company in 1967. He was able to start from a simple section in a larger department store to the current empire that is Ralph Lauren today.

In 2006, Ralph Lauren provided all the clothing of Wimbledon. Ralph Lauren was the first designer design uniforms for on court officials at Wimbledon. Ralph Lauren is also dedicated to charity work. Ralph Lauren co-founded the Nina Hyde Center for Breast Cancer located in Georgetown University Hospital in 1989. Since then there have been numerous campaigns supporting breast cancer research.

Ralph Lauren offers a variety of benefits. They have paid holidays and vacation time. They have casual dress codes. They also have paid sick leave and quality insurance plans. They have flexible schedule options allowing work to fit into your schedule.

People recognize the Ralph Lauren Name. It is a brand associated with quality. They offer competitive benefits which are always attractive. Retail employees also get a discount on products.

Does Ralph Lauren Hire Felons?

It is not conclusive if Ralph Lauren hires felons. It appears that they don’t hire felons based on recent research.

However, it should be noted that internal policies can change often. New information on these policies is not always published regularly.

Does Ralph Lauren Run Background Checks?

Ralph Lauren does criminal and work history back ground check. In roles where a certain level of education is required, a background check for that information will be performed as well.

It was not possible to determine exactly how Ralph Lauren conducts their background checks. However, it is known that this is an expected step regardless of division applied to.

Careers at Ralph Lauren

There are several positions across the three branches of Ralph Lauren. This article is focus on the corporate and retail sections.

Baristas provide excellent service at Ralph Lauren coffee shops. They great customers, prepare food and drinks and multitask under high stress.

Receptionists manages incoming and outgoing calls. They maintain employee phone directories, greet guests and manage conference room calendars.

Sales associates are the face of the Ralph Lauren brand. They provide fantastic service while connecting customers to clothes that they love.

Asset protection associate is responsible for ensuring that Ralph Lauren doesn’t experience losses from customers or other employees. They monitor inventory and are responsible for theft prevention.

Key holders are able to assist with the training of new hires. They provide a part time supervisory role, but also fulfill a regular associate role.

Application Process at Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has a traditional application process. You first apply in one of three categories: corporate, retail and North Carolina Campus. After a filling out an application, you then have a series of interviews. This is typical a phone interview and at least one in-person interview.

Ralph Lauren is a high fashion brand. Regardless of what position you apply for it is important dress well. This especially applies to retail work, as you are the face of the company.

It is important to think of you will deal with various uncomfortable situations, such as an irate customer or coworker disagreement. These situations are popular questions and answering them well is important.

Brush up on your mental math. It is important to be able to quickly perform typical retail math and to not just rely on machines to calculate discounts, tax, etc.

Regardless of what area of the company you apply, be forthright about any convictions when asked. Ralph Lauren values honesty and lying is the quickest way to rule yourself out.

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