Does Nucor Hire Felons?

Nucor Corporation (Nucor) is primarily a steel producer. They are headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. Nucor is the largest steel producer in America. They have several child companies that produced ancillary products.

Finding steady work after imprisonment is a common obstacle. A prison term is society’s punishment for a crime. Further punishment by placing obstacles to employment is an undue burden.

About Nucor

Nucor produces a wide variety of steel products and provides services to wide array of industries. They have a wide variety of steel beams, plates and sheet. They also provide raw materials as well. They serve every industry that uses steel products, such as agriculture and transportation.

Nucor helped change the steel industry. Nucor went through a series of evolutions from a motor company to the modern-day Nucor corporation. As the years have gone on, they have added more products which allowed them to do end to end manufacturing.  This has cemented them as one of the most versatile steel manufacturers in the United States.

Nucor prides themselves on a commitment to environmental protection and safety. They have several iso certifications which are given by a third party to show more environmentally friendly manufacturing. They are also LEED certified.

Nucor has a great selection of benefits. They offer profit sharing incentives. They also Job security claims, even if work is slow. They have medical and dentals plans that are affordable. They offer both tuition reimbursement and scholarships. This helps with the goal of allowing qualified employees advance.

Does Nucor Hire Felons?

Nucor states that they hire based on talent and skill. There is no evidence showing that they do not hire felons, so it could be said that they do hire felons.

These policies are open to interrelation and it is hard to tell if a person with a felony was not hired simply for not being a good fit for the role. 

Does Nucor Run Background Checks?

Nucor looks at multiple factors for hiring. They perform background checks as a part of their overall hiring process. It was not possible to discover if a third party was performing the background checks. The only thing that is certain, is that Nucor does perform a background check that weighs in on the overall hiring decision.

The exact components of the background check are hard to determine without an exact source. Background checks generally contain searches of the states and counties an applicant has resided in. Their education and employment history will also need toxx be verified.

Careers at Nucor

Nucor has variety of subsidiaries, but this article will focus on Nucor specific roles. You can also choose to join their talent network.

Entry level detailers detail the metal building systems. They ensuring a quality product by review the designs. They also create new drawings using their software.

Entry level production perform a variety of roles in production. It is a competitive position that allows you to get into steel production.

Inside sales representatives prepare customer sales orders, order entries, and pricing. There is some travel required.

Machinists are responsible for the production of parts. The yare able to measure, inspect and test finish parts to discover defects.

Maintenance technicians is able to troubleshoot repair issues of a lot of varieties. They attend a variety of training courses to setup proper maintenance procedures.

Application Process at Nucor

Nucor’s application process is straight forward. You first apply online either directly to Nucor or you can apply to a partner company. Depending on the position, you might have to solve a series of reasoning and behavior tests. After a filling out an application and any aptitude tests, you then have a series of interviews.

There are a wide variety of positions available at Nucor. It is important to look through the position you are applying to, but also think about where you want to go from there. Asking you about your future plans is common question and an employee that grows with the company is more valuable.

Nucor has hazardous work. It would be wise to look into the most common safety certifications. Either working towards being certified in safety processes or expressing interest is a good idea. It shows that you are a self-starter.

Regardless of what area of the company you apply, be forthright about any convictions when asked. Not disclosing information can often rule you out due to policies on dishonesty.

Every position at Nucor has its pros and cons. It is important to have question about your potential job, so asking your interview about their perspective is a good way to show interest and get a good idea of the company.

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