Does Pulte Home Hire Felons?

Pulte Group was founded in Detroit in 1950. Pulte Group is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. Over the years, they have a acquired several other companies. This allowed them to expand rapidly into new regions. Currently Pulte Group is the 3rd largest residential construction company in the United States.  They have 5,086 employees as of 2018.

Finding employment after imprisonment is a big concern. It is important to be able to enter the working force for those essential needs, like shelter and food. If it’s impossible to gain access to stable jobs, how can you move on with your life?

About Pulte Group

Pulte Group is residential construction firm. They operate distinct several brands acquired largely through buying other companies. Their brands are Pulte Homes, Centex, Del Webb, Divosta, John Wieland homes and Neighborhoods, and Pulte Mortgage.

Bill Pulte founded Pulte Group in 1950. He built it up from in the Detroit area, gradually expending to Washington D.C., Chicago and Atlanta. The company went public in 1969. From there they continued to expand and acquire companies.

According to the number of homes close, Pulte Group is the 3rd largest home construction firm in the United States. They are spread across 47 markets, with homes targeting a wide range of demographics. Pulte has been recognized in the past by the J.D. Power and Associates for excellence in customer satisfaction.

They offer competitive health insurance benefits. They also have a 401k matching program open to employees. They provide mandatory two weeks paid vacation as well. They also offer many common holidays off as well.

People love working for Pulte Group because they offer a competitive salary with a good work life balance. There are a well-known company that push their employees to be their very best. Certain roles are also allowed to work from home.

Does Pulte Group Hire Felons?

After researching the issue, Pulte Group does not appear to hire felons currently. This finding is based on information that was currently available.

It is possible for human resources policies can change. It is important to take that into account during a job search.

Does Pulte Group run background checks?

Pulte Group does routine background checks on potential hires. It was not possible to determine the current company providing the background checks. This could be because they are done internally or because they are outsourced to an undisclosed company.

Without an exact company the precise contents of the background check are hard to determine. However generally they will at the least contain searches in the states and counties an applicant has lived. Their education, driving and employment history will also be verified.

Careers at Pulte Group

Pulte group has many brands, so most positions will describe which brand they work with. The best choice is to focus on a position that suits you instead of a particular brand.

Sales consultants are there not to only sell homes. They are there to connect customers with a home that fulfills their needs with out breaking their budget. They are providing the best customer service they can to help people find their dream home.

Resident ambassadors are there to provide a welcoming presence to properties. They provide in-person and online support to prospective homebuyers.

New homes sales consultant is a training position to become a full Sales Associate. They assist with interviews for prospective home buyers, serve as support for sales teams and learn the ins and outs of sales on the job.

Assistant field managers have a basic understanding of new home construction. They are a vital resource for more senior managers. This is a role perfect to gain experience on the job for more senior roles.

Online sales specialist work online as the virtual version of sales consultants. They actively follow leads to match potential buyers with their dream home or community.

Application Process at Pulte Group

Pulte Homes is just one brand at the Pulte Group. You will apply to the main website. You cannot limit it to just Pulte Homes positions, but often the job description will discuss which brands you will work with. Like many companies Pulte has series of phone and interviews before a final offer is made.

It is important to read carefully through the job description. There are several brands in the Pulte Group and you may have to work with more than one. It is important to have an understanding of mor than your preferred section.

Pulte Group has a website for each of their major brands, so it’s a good idea to research all of them. The other brands could come up in an interview to ensure you are also familiar with the parent company.

For sales positions, practice your sales pitch.  Think of how you would encourage hesitant buyers to purchase. It is also a good idea to go over how you would explain complex topics, like taxes, homeowner’s associations and interest.

It is important to always be forthright about convictions, when asked. Revealing this information could save you time in the long run. It is better to be able to move on earlier, as large companies can have slower turnover rates for hiring.

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