Does Babies R Us Hire Felons?

People who have been convicted of a felony often have problems adjusting after their sentence. Having served their time, they now need to get a job in order to survive.

There are communities that help out individuals who have had felony records. One such way to help them is to get them employed and back into the community.

About Babies “R” Us

Babies “R” Us is the brand of the Toys “R” Us company that focuses on infant products. It offers a wide range of toys, gifts, and items suited for babies.

In 1996, the successful toy company Toys “R” Us expanded into baby products, launching Babies “R” Us. The brand first opened its store in Westbury, New York.

With now over 230 locations all over the country, Babies “R” Us is a one-stop shop for all infant needs. Babies “R” Us also offers gift registries and buying guides for expecting parents.

Babies “R” Us provides its employees with basic compensation such as salaries and leaves. They also have medical, dental, and vision insurance, as well as a retirement plan.

Employees like the fun and friendly atmosphere in Babies “R” Us. They also enjoyed the flexible hours and employee discounts in the company.

Does Babies “R” Us Hire Felons?

Based on research, it would seem that Babies “R” Us does not hire felons. Feedback from both applicants and employees note that the company does not accept applicants that have records of felonies.

However, it would seem that the parent company, Toys “R” Us, does not automatically bar ex-convicts. Some online sources state that the company requires full disclosure but does not discriminate based on that.

It might be a worthwhile attempt to apply at the Babies “R” Us location itself. Some managers are familiar if there are any policies or rules that can help on a case-to-case basis.

There is no guarantee, though, that Babies “R” Us or their parent company Toys “R” Us will employ felons. Most companies still defer to the judgment of hiring managers.

Application Process At Babies “R” Us

Babies “R” Us, the brand of Toys “R” Us focused on baby products, allows online application. Create an account with their system to be able to track your application.

  • First, visit to start your application. Click the “Careers” link found in the page.
  • This will lead to a page with a list of available jobs and their information.
  • You can select a listed job, or use the filters available to search for the most appropriate one.
  • Provide the profile information and professional details that the page requires.
  • Submit your application and wait for the company to contact you through their system.

Tips To Apply At Babies “R” Us

Upon passing the initial screening, the interviews will take place. Some interviewers give Math tests as well, so brush up on your basic arithmetic if needed.

Do not lie if you are asked about the felony, or if it comes up in the discussion. Other managers will appreciate full disclosure, so explain the situation briefly but honestly.

Wear clean and work-appropriate clothes when submitting your application or attending an interview. Hiring managers will often judge applicants based on their overall look, demeanor, and preparedness.

Since Babies “R” Us is a specialty store, it is appreciated if you have any background on children or babies. Enthusiasm and willingness to learn are also top qualities for hiring managers.


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