Does PSEG Hire Felons?

PSEG, the Public Service Enterprise Group, is a diversified energy company with headquarters in Newark, New Jersey. They were established in 1985.

Employment after incarceration is often a large hurdle to clear, but is a significant step towards resuming a normal life and acceptance in society.

About PSEG

PSEG provides residential and business gas and electric service to customers across New Jersey, Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Queens, New York.

PSEG as it is currently known was established in 1985 as a publicly traded company. It was originally part of the 1903 Public Service Corporation which also covered transportation services.

They employ almost 13,000 people across its three subsidiaries in either New Jersey or Long Island. They have recently been awarded for their innovation and sustainability efforts.

Benefits of PSEG employment include paid vacation, holiday time off, tuition reimbursement, medical coverage, 401(k), and community service opportunities.

Employees say that PSEG offers a variety of career opportunities and that their coworkers are the best part of their job. They have flexible hours and are learning a lot on the job.

Does PSEG Hire Felons?

According to our research, if you have an employment gap due to incarceration you may not be able to get a job with PSEG or its subsidiaries.

A background check will be run during the application process and depending on the state and how much time has passed, a felony may show up on your record.

Does PSEG Run Background Checks?

If you are interested in working for PSEG or one of its subsidiaries, be prepared for a diligent background check going back about seven years.

Since every state is different regarding reporting felonies, it may be hard to predict what will show up on your record before the background check is run.

Careers At PSEG

PSEG is one of New Jersey’s largest employers as well as one of the ten largest employers in the United States, so you are sure to find a career path that works for you. These may include:

Summer Intern: available in various departments; all interns should be local, be a sophomore in college or older, and have a 3.0 GPA or higher while actively pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

Technical Clerk: you would support Records Management and Document Control Programs, and should be able to properly handle sensitive materials, read technical instructions, perform repetitive tasks, and support benchmarking initiatives.

Utility Mechanic Apprentice: you would learn about constructing, operating, maintaining, and repairing facilities and should be willing and able to operate heavy equipment with a clean driving record.

Lineman: you would perform line work in all voltage classifications by investigating, locating, and repairing faults; make standard connections, and operate various vehicles and equipment.

Technical Analyst: you would provide expertise in developing and implementing preventive and corrective maintenance of plants, lead teams, and ensure system readiness.

Application Process At PSEG

PSEG provides details about its application process as well as positions it is looking to fill on its website. You can also sign up to receive notification of recently added jobs in your location that fit your interest and skill set.

When applying for a job, with PSEG or otherwise, it’s important to be honest and thorough during the application process. Emphasize your strengths that relate directly to the position.

If your resume includes a career change or an employment gap, it may require additional explanation. Be ready to explain about how the skills you gained will transfer to this new job.

Be sure to proof your resume for spelling and grammar in addition to ease of reading before applying. Make sure the most important components are highlighted.

Beyond the required technical skills, a successful employee at PSEG will have a commitment to safety, integrity, customer focus, and diversity and inclusion.

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