Does Verizon hire felons?

Verizon is an electronics company. They sell various related products and services.

Working is an important part of everyday life for anyone. This includes yourself when you finish your sentence. Work can provide financial stability and help you stay away from crime. At this point, you have also shown that you are ready to return to everyday life.

Below you will find information about Verizon and their application process.

About Verizon

This company sells a variety of products. These include cell phones, tablets, and other accessories. They also have cell phone and internet plans.

Verizon is a much newer company than some others. It started in 2000 after a merger between Bell Atlantic and GTE. Verizon acquired and merged with other companies over the years, such as MCI, Alltel, and AOL.

Now, Verizon has about 139,400 employees. There are 2,230 retail locations. The company has won many awards related to technology, diversity, and corporate responsibility.

Employees get a few different benefits. For example, you get health insurance and gym discounts. You also get help paying for school and retirement funds. Verizon also has an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

One nice thing about working here is that you do not need to wait for these perks. They start on day one. Employees also enjoy the learning opportunities that Verizon offers.

Does Verizon Hire Felons?

According to research, Verizon does hire felons. But, there are a few conditions of this. Time and follow up actions are key in their hiring decision.

For example, it appears that, if your felony occurred 7+ years ago, then Verizon may not consider it a problem. Also, Verizon might overlook some crimes if there has been follow up. This could include treatment or other proofs of rehab.

Does Verizon run Background Checks?

Research also confirms that Verizon does run background checks. These include both criminal and drug screenings.

Criminal checks show any felony or misdemeanor charge that you have. Again, they likely will not accept anyone with criminal charges less than 7 years old. Also, you should be able to explain charges or provide proof of rehab.

Drug tests catch any prescription or illegal drugs in your system. Illegal drugs will disqualify you. You can have prescriptions as long as your doctor has approved them.

Careers at Verizon

Verizon has several entry level jobs available. Some of these include;

  • Retail sales representative
  • Inside sales representative
  • Retail customer service specialist
  • Installation and repair technician
  • Technical support representative

Retail sales reps work in the stores to sell various products to customers. You will need to know about company products and deals. You should also have basic math skills and knowledge of technology.

Inside sales reps have a job that is like that of retail sales. But, these sales take place over the phone. Usually, you take calls from customers looking to buy products or services. You might also be responsible for calling existing customers to offer new promotions.

Retail customer service specialists also work in the store. They help out with sales. They also help customers work with self-service options. You will help answer any other customers questions or concerns as well.

Installation and repair techs help to put in different pieces of technology. This does involve a lot of physical work. So, you should be able to do heavy lifting. You should also have some technical knowledge.

Tech support reps receive calls from customers about different problems that they have. Your job is to walk them through fixes for their issues, if possible. You need some technical knowledge to do this job.

Application Process at Verizon

Verizon has online applications for its job postings. When you find a job that you like, you can click the link. After that, click “apply”. The website then walks you through signing up for an account and applying for the job.

Having a criminal record when applying can be scary. But, it is important to remember to be honest. Do not lie about your record during the application or interview.

Make sure you prepare to talk about your record during the application and interview. Let them know what you have done to change your behavior after your conviction.

Verizon wants employees with interpersonal skills. Make sure you list this on your application. Also, let them know about any retail or customer service experience you have.

Because Verizon is a technology company, they also want people with technical skills. List any skills you have. Also let them know if you received any technical training during your incarceration.

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