Does DISH Hire Felons?

DISH is a satellite television company. They sell a variety of related services and equipment.

When you finish your sentence, transitioning back into normal life can be hard. Working is a great way to help you do this. Not only will it help you stay away from your criminal past, but you have also earned it. You have as much of a right to work as anyone else.

Below you will find information about DISH and their application process.

About DISH

DISH offers a variety of cable and other channel packages. They provide feature and equipment upgrades. They also offer installation and smart home services.

Charlie Ergen founded the DISH company in 1995. Later this year, the uplink center broadcast to customers for the first time. DISH continued to develop new products and services over the years. It is now one of the leading satellite television companies in the United States.

Today, DISH has about 16,000 employees. Between 2002 and 2019, DISH has won over 100 awards related to technology and business. Recently, they were first in JD Power’s list of Telecom Service Technician Satisfaction.

DISH employees get several benefits. They receive health insurance and 401(k)’s. They also receive a free DISH and Sling TV subscription. DISH offers various training and career development programs as well.

People enjoy working at DISH because there is a lot of room for growth. There are advancement opportunities. DISH also encourages employees to try several different job areas. DISH is also involved in the community.

Does DISH Hire Felons?

Employees have confirmed that DISH does hire felons. But, this decision depends on the type of felony. They need to know that you are not a risk to the company.

For example, certain felonies would likely throw up some red flags. Violent, sexual, or financial crimes would likely get you turned down.

Does DISH Run Background Checks?

Yes, DISH runs background checks before hiring anyone. These checks include criminal record checks and a drug test.

DISH is willing to hire felons. But, they still need to check your criminal record to see details of the crime. These checks show any charges that have ever been on your record. This includes felony and misdemeanor.

Drug tests detect any type of drug in your system. Illegal drugs will get you turned down. Prescription drugs will not as long as you have a valid prescription from your doctor.

Careers at DISH

DISH has several different entry level career options for you. Some of them include;

  • Warehouse associate
  • Engineering technician
  • Production associate
  • In-home solutions technician
  • Distribution clerk

Warehouse associates deal with the stocking and shipping of products. You need basic math skills as you will be working with inventory. You also need to be able to do heavy lifting and physical labor.

Engineering technicians are responsible for making sure test and manufacturing equipment is functioning. This job does involve a bit of physical labor. You should have some prior technical experience before applying for this job.

Production associates are responsible for making sure that all products function before shipping. You will also be packaging some of the equipment. You will do some lifting for this job as well. You should also have basic math skills.

In-home solutions technicians work with customers. You will help install products. You will also gather customer experience information. You should have some technical experience before applying.

Distribution clerk is an office position. You will help to keep track of sales order and complete other administrative tasks. You should have some computer skills. Basic math skills are also important.

Application Process at DISH

DISH has job applications available online for each job posting. When you see the job you want to apply for, click the link. After that, click “apply for this job online” and the website walks you through the rest.

In regards to your criminal record, you need to be honest. This includes on both the application and during the interview. Again, they do background checks. So, they will find out anyway.

If it comes up during the interview, be honest and accept responsibility. You can take this time to explain why you want to work and what steps you have taken to turn your life around.

Mechanical skills are important for most of these jobs. Let them know about any formal or informal experience you have. Also, let them know about any training received during incarceration.

Besides that, let them know about any customer service experience. Also, be sure to list interpersonal skills on your application.

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