Does Quiznos Sub Hire Felons?

Quizno’s was established in Denver, Colorado in 1981, as just a sub shop. They have differentiated themselves from the competition by toasting their subs and using the highest-quality ingredients.

Employees of all stages of their careers can find work there. Employment is a key part of social and financial independence – something that many former felons struggle with.

About Quizno’s

Quizno’s is a fast casual, made-to-order sub shop with an emphasis on toasting their subs. They have been a U.S. fixture since 1981.

Quizno’s as it is currently known was developed by Chef Jimmy Lambatos, as an homage to the toasted sandwiches he grew up eating in Queens, New York.

As of 2013, they had about 1,300 domestic and 600 international locations. Although some locations have closed in recent years due to competition with similar restaurants, the original restaurant and corporate headquarters are still based in Denver.

Their full-time employee benefits may include health insurance options, life insurance options, flex spending accounts, profit sharing plans, employee assistance, and vacation time.

Employees say that Quizno’s is a great place to acquire an entry-level job with a casual, fast-paced work environment. There are opportunities for advancement and franchising.

Does Quizno’s Hire Felons?

Although the corporate policy of Quizno’s is not to hire anyone convicted of a felony according to our research, you will find that each individual franchise and hiring manager is different.

If you do have a felony on your record, make sure you admit it to the hiring manager and emphasize how you have changed or what you have learned.

Does Quizno’s Run Background Checks?

If you are interested in working for Quizno’s but are concerned about the results of a potential background check, our research indicates that not every location will run one on a potential employee.

Every state has different requirements regarding reporting felonies, so your job application may ask you to self-report and it is always more advantageous to be honest.

Careers At Quizno’s

Quizno’s is the third-largest sandwich chain in the United States, so you are sure to find a career in a location that appeals to you.

In order to find out about specific available positions, you should contact the store to which you are interested in applying. Some positions may include:

Crew member: responsible for preparing food, interacting with customers, and working as a cashier. You should have strong customer service skills and be ready to work in a fast-paced environment.

Utility Associate: responsible for cleaning equipment and restaurant, returning cleaned items to their proper locations, buffing floors, cleaning walls and windows, removing trash, and unloading deliveries.

Cook: responsible for preparing foods and working at all stations within the kitchen. They must keep their work station clean, practice food safety, and operate a variety of kitchen equipment.

Quizno’s employees should be able to prove experience in food service and should be able to display courteous, professional behavior at all times with a focus on personal hygiene.

Application Process At Quizno’s

The Quizno’s careers website details its application process as well as available positions in your geographic area or related to your skill set. If you are interested in a restaurant job, you should visit your local restaurant.

When applying to any job, it is important to be honest throughout application process. Emphasize your strengths and your willingness to work hard in a fast-paced environment,

If your resume has any red flags such as an employment gap due to incarceration, you may have to explain further in an interview or on the application. Be ready to explain about how the skills you have are applicable at Quizno’s.

Before you apply for any job, proof your resume for spelling and grammar mistakes and make sure it is easy to read. Dress professionally when visiting the store.

A successful employee at Quizno’s will be customer service-focused and detail-oriented, committed to giving all customers the best possible experience when they eat at this restaurant.

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