Does Hess Hire Felons?

Hess Corporation is a global leader in crude oil and natural gas exploration.  They have leading roles in the US, Guyana, and Malaysia.

Part of a felon’s rehabilitation is to become part of society once again.  This means finding a job, but that’s not always easy.  There are companies that are willing to give felons a second chance.

About Hess Corporation

Hess is a producer of crude oil and natural gas.  They no longer engage in downstream operations.  They finished selling their gas station network and wholesale/retail business in 2014.  Their focus moved to exploration and extraction.

Leon Hess founded Hess Corporation in 1933 as Hess Incorporated.  He started the company as an oil delivery business with one 615 gallon tanker truck.

The company employs between 1000 and 5000 people.  It is headquartered in New York, New York, but has operations in the Americas, Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Hess Corporation offers a comprehensive benefit package to its employees.  This package includes a variety of insurances like health, dental, and life.  They also have 401K, pension, and savings programs to take advantage of.

People like working at Hess for their pay and benefit programs.  The small nature of the company also creates a close-knit team to work with.  This means Hess notices employees who work hard and rewards them.

Does Hess Corporation Hire Felons?

Based on our research and multiple online sources, Hess Corporation doesn’t hire felons.  This policy could change in the future depending on the demands on its workforce.

This policy may be in place due to for various reasons.  Expenses for travel arrangements or equipment operating may be higher for felons.

Does Hess Corporation Run Background Checks?

Hess Corporation does conduct background checks, according to current and past employees.  They do so after the interview for applicants that they would like to hire.

Depending on the state, some offenses may not show up on a background check after a period of time.  Reports may include felony and misdemeanor convictions, jail time history, and active warrants.

Careers at Hess Corporation

Life at Hess Corporation will allow you to grow your career and your life.  With great benefits and opportunities to grow, you can make a difference in your own life.

Mechanic:  You will provide preventative and corrective maintenance for all rotating equipment.  Daily schedules will be used to plan out each day’s tasks.  Assist with parts inventory too.

Geoscience Intern:  Work with designated geoscience mentor on projects of exploration and production.  Gather and analyze geological data for regional and field development.

Reliability Operator:  Responsible for equipment surveillance, machine operation, and safety regulations.  Communicating safe work processes and environment to location teams.

Land Analyst:  Gather and analyze complex data about land leasing, industry trends, and title opinions.  Support finance team and other internal, or external business partners.

I&E Technician:  Maintain and configure various electronic equipment.  Doing so with routine inspections and troubleshooting repairs.  Read electrical blueprints for installing new systems.

Application Process at Hess Corporation

Hess Corporation strongly suggests applying for open jobs through their website.  Click on the Careers tab and navigate down until you see the green View All Jobs button on the right.  You will be directed to their job website, or use this link:

If you are applying at Hess Corporation with a felony consider bringing it up in the interview.  This will allow you to find out if you should pursue the job opening any further.

Have great references to offer.  If one of their employees can put in a good word for you, they may decide to take a chance on you.

Show them you are a valuable asset to the company.  With enough industry background, skills, and education they could overlook your record.  The job market changes all the time, so there could be a shortage in your field.

Know the laws in the state you will be hired in.  Some states allow different information on background checks than others.  Your felony may no longer show up on a typical background check.

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