Does Huddle House Hire Felons?

Huddle House is a family friendly franchise concentrated in the southeast United States.  For the past 50 years, it has been serving customers homestyle cooking.

Having a job is essential to everyone, including felons.  These men and women need to take care of themselves and their families.  A second chance is vital to keeping them on the straight and narrow.

About Huddle House

Huddle House offers an American diner experience for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Their menu focuses on breakfast platters but they do offer a wide range of items.  They have steak entrees, sandwiches, and salads too.  To make the most out of the experience, they offer a rewards program to their customers.

Founded in 1964 by John Sparks, Huddle House opened in Decatur, Georgia.  Sparks’ goal was to offer locals a place to “huddle” together after local football games.

Huddle House has extended its reach to 342 locations across 24 states.  It employs 500-1000 people between franchise locations and headquarter offices.

Employee benefit options vary depending on position.  They offer discounts, vacation, insurance options, and bonus opportunities to list a few.

Family and friends form the foundation of Huddle House.  This atmosphere starts with the team working together to provide excellent service.  The fast paced nature of the work ensures daily variety.

Does Huddle House Hire Felons?

Huddle House is willing to hire felons according to our research.  Each location will consider local laws for hiring those with a felony on their record.

Please note that company policies change and adapt over time.  This means we cannot guarantee that every location will always be open or willing to hire felons.

Does Huddle House Run Background Checks?

Huddle House requires that applicants be willing to submit to a background check.  Based on comments from employees, they may not perform the check for every position.

Companies run background checks during the hiring process.  The report helps to verify applicant information.  Employment history, education, and criminal records may show up.

Careers at Huddle House

Huddle House offers a fast paced work environment revolving around great service.  Each team member takes part in making bonds between the community and the company.

Dishwashers are responsible for cleaning off tables, washing dishes, and resetting the tables.  They may need to help with restocking supplies, cleaning the kitchen, and preparing ingredients.

Cooks work in open view kitchens.  They prepare ingredients, and become familiar with company recipes.  They must also be able to be on the move or standing to complete tasks.

Servers take food and drink orders, resolve issues, and need to be familiar with menu items.  They strive to create relationships with customers by being friendly and conversational.

Hosts are the first to greet customers and welcome them with a friendly and warm personality. They must be able to handle money and work a register.  Being able to keep track of guests to seat them in a swift manner is key.

Shift Managers help to maintain inventories and train lower level staff.  They enforce company policies and ensure customer satisfaction with their dining experience.

Application Process at Huddle House

To apply for a job opening at Huddle House, start by going to their company website.  Navigate to their Careers section at the bottom of the page.  You can view all available openings.  Here is a link to their career page:

Know what is on your record, and don’t lie about it.  If you do, and they run a background check, you won’t get the job.

If your past comes up in the interview have a response ready to go.  Make sure that you answer quickly, honestly, and straight forward.

When putting together your resume, try to highlight your strengths and skills.  This will allow you to get in front of your past sooner in the process.

Huddle House is a fast paced establishment where serving the community is important.  Be upbeat and cheerful.  Show you are able to provide excellent customer service.

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