Does U-Haul Hire Felons?

U-Haul is a moving company. They rent out vehicles and other supplies. They also have storage services.

One thing you need to do shortly after release from prison is get a job. This can be hard with a criminal record, but not impossible. You deserve to be able to work. This can also help you stay away from your previous criminal doings.

Below you will find information about U-Haul and its application process.

About U-Haul

U-Haul rents moving vehicles to customers. They also sell vehicle accessories and other packing supplies. They have storage units available for rent as well.

Sam and Anna Mary Shoen founded U-Haul in 1945. This came about after they found difficulty in moving. At the time, there were no available trailer rentals. Over the next several years, they bought more trailers to rent. By 1959, they had 42,600.

U-Haul now has about 17,000 employee. They have over 21,000 locations. Their fleet consists of over 167,000 trucks, 120,000 trailers, and 43,000 other towing devices. They also have over 697,000 rooms for rent.

U-Haul employees get health and life insurance. They also get retirement plans. U-Haul also provides other health programs, like helping employees quit smoking. Employees get discounts too.

Employees enjoy working here for other reasons as well. There are commuter benefits. You also get education and career development training.

Does U-Haul Hire Felons?

Research indicates that U-Haul does hire felons. But, this is up to the general manager at the locations. So, it may vary.

Some factors that go into the decision are the type of felony and the time since conviction. Some crimes may seem more serious than others. Also, they are less likely to hold older convictions against you than newer ones.

Does U-Haul Run Background Checks?

Research shows that this varies as well. You may not always need to do a background check. But, you should prepare for one anyway. If they do run a background check, it would likely include a criminal history check and drug test.

Criminal history checks comprise everything on your record after age 18. So, this shows all felony and misdemeanor charges. It also lets U-Haul know other details, such as date and type of offense.

Most companies do drug test on applicants before hiring. These show any prescription or illegal substances in your system. The only time prescription would not be okay is if you do not have a valid prescription from your doctor. Otherwise, only illegal drugs would disqualify you.

Careers at U-Haul

There are several different entry level jobs available at U-Haul. Some of them include;

  • Customer service agent
  • Maintenance technician
  • Shop custodian
  • Reservation manager
  • Transfer driver

Customer service agents are sometimes able to work from home. They are responsible for taking customer calls and addressing questions or concerns. You need basic computer skills and knowledge of US geography.

Maintenance technicians work in a variety of locations. The job involves landscaping, minor repairs, and other maintenance tasks. You need to be able to do some lifting. You will also be in different types of weather when working outside.

Shop custodians are responsible for janitorial work. You should be able to handle physical labor. You should also not have any sensitivities to cleaning agents.

Reservation managers handle equipment reservations from customers. For this job, you need basic computer and office skills. You should also be detail oriented and be able to manage a variety of tasks.

Transfer drivers are responsible for driving U-Haul vehicles and equipment. You will take these items to drop off for repair. You need to have a driver’s license for this job. They may run a driver’s history check on you as well.

Application Process at U-Haul

U-Haul has applications available online. When you click the job that you find interesting, click “apply”. After that, click “apply” again and create an account. The website walks you through the rest of the application.

Even though you might not need to do a background check, you should still be honest about your record. If they find out, this could be grounds for termination. It also shows character to be upfront and honest about it.

If they ask about it during the interview, be honest and let them know what happened. Let them know that you want to work. Also let them know any other things you have done to better yourself after your release.

On your resume, list any basic skills you have. This could include math, computer, and interpersonal skills. For customer service, speaking a second language would also be helpful.

Also list any work or education you have. This includes any training programs in which you participated during incarceration. They do not need to relate to the specific job you apply for.

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