Does O’Reilly Auto Parts Hire Felons?

The concept of hiring ex-felons may seem questionable for some companies, because they fear that these people will do felony again. However, ex-felons do deserve to be given employment, especially because they are the ones who are extra dedicated in finding work to start a new life.

With this, hesitancy to hire ex-felons is understandable, but what should be taken into mind by companies, especially employers, is that they will further help in solidifying the change of moral character of these ex-felons.

About O’Reilly Auto Parts

Creating a name for themselves to be the dominant American auto parts retailer, O’Reilly Auto Parts supplies automotive equipment, parts, accessories, and tools to its customers.

Founded by father and son, Charles Francis C.F. and Charles H. Chub O Reilly, O’Reilly started out as a start-up automotive business with its first store in December 1957 in Springfield, Missouri.

With stores in over 4,829 locations, O’Reilly Auto Parts continues to grow with the help from its 74,430 employees, as the auto parts retailer that offers quality service in exchange for a fair price.

O’Reilly Auto Parts also compensates their employees well with their employee benefits, like medical, life, short-term, and long-term disability insurance. Bonuses can also be acquired based on store performance.

Aside from the previously mentioned benefits, employees also like working for O’Reilly Auto Parts because of the discount on parts and services they grant to their employees.

Does O’Reilly Auto Parts Hire Felons?

Being an equal opportunity employer, O’Reilly Auto Parts treat all team members and applicants for employment with no discrimination for their physical character and roots. However, of course, hiring people with felony records for this still undergoes an exhaustive stage.

Based on our research, there seems to be mixed reviews in regards to whether O’Reilly Auto Parts does hire ex-felons or not.

According to employment sites, there has been instances wherein O’Reilly Auto Parts has hired people with past felonies, but it greatly depends on the store location and policies. On the other, some review sites say that O’Reilly Auto Parts do not hire ex-felons.

To simply put, the hiring of ex-felons of O’Reilly Auto Parts may greatly depend on the store location policies.

Application Process At O’Reilly Auto Parts

Known as a quality automotive chain of auto parts, O’Reilly Auto Parts wants to make sure to have employees who will offer loyalty and quality service to its customers.

Here are the steps when applying at O’Reilly Auto Parts:

Tips To Apply At O’Reilly Auto Parts

Based on research, hiring of ex-felons of O’Reilly Auto Parts greatly depend on the store location and policies, so it’s best to know whether the O’Reilly establishment you want to apply at is an ex-felon-friendly environment.

Since O’Reilly Auto Parts is an equal opportunity employer, there’s a high chance that they will hire ex-felons, but to further your chance, make sure to at least be knowledgeable about cars.

Also, when the interview comes, make sure to be completely honest when asked questions, especially when felony questions may arise.

O’Reilly Auto Parts may also ask you to do quick written assessments so be ready for that, as well.


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