Does Dollar Tree Hire Felons?

Dollar Tree is a large chain retail store. All of their items are sold for a dollar or less. They sell a variety of items in various departments such as house wares, food/grocery, health and beauty, cleaning supplies, stationery, toys and much more.

Felons are people too and they deserve a chance to work and support their families just as much as anyone else. Yes, they committed a crime, that however does not mean that they need to be punished for the rest of their lives. They served their time and paid their dues and sent out into society, so they deserve the chance to be productive members of the society that they have been released into.

About Dollar Tree

Dollar tree’s main focus is providing affordable products to people. They offer products from a wide variety of departments for $1.00. The company aims to make sure that you get the most for your money.

Dollar Tree was originally founded in 1954 by KR Perry and operated as a Ben Franklin variety store. It originally operated under the name K&K Stores and became branded Dollar Tree in the 1990s. By 2014 Dollar Tree merged with Family Dollar in 9.2 billion dollar deal. Thus creating the largest discount variety stores in the U.S…

Dollar Tree currently has a net worth of over 19 billion dollars. It has over 13,000 stores in operation and more than 170,000 employees. Dollar Tree has been ranked #180 on the Forbes 500 list.

There are a number of benefits offered to Dollar Tree employees, to be eligible for the benefits offered you must be a full-time employee. Employees are offered medical coverage plan options along with dental and vision plans. They offer an employee assistance program, paid time off, 401K options among many other benefits.

Dollar Tree creates a casual laid back working environment. They offer the opportunity for advancement throughout the company. The benefits that are offered to full-time employees are valuable. For these reasons, alone employees love to work for the company.

Does Dollar Tree Hire Felons?

Based on research yes, Dollar Tree will hire a felon. However, it has been found that they will not hire an applicant with violent or sexual offenses. Typically they do not hire applicants with forgery or theft convictions either.

Criminal history should not deter a person from applying for a position at Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree will consider applicants with a criminal history based on a few things such as work experience, job-related skills, length of time since being convicted and the nature of the offenses. Like many employers, asking about criminal history is a test of honesty.

Does Dollar Tree Run Background Checks

After speaking with a Dollar Tree manager, yes, they do run a background check. The position being applied for will depend if a background check. Certain positions require a background check, while others do not.

If applying for a management or corporate position a background check is run. They will be looking for convictions and charges. Non convicted charges should only appear for 7 years, while convictions will appear forever.

Careers at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is almost always hiring even if it is just a sales floor associate or freight associate. Dollar Tree is almost always hiring, with over 13,000 stores they have a demand for employees. They hire for in-store support, management, and corporate positions.

Sales Floor Associate

Salesfloor associate positions are the most commonly needed positions. This position covers working throughout the store performing various daily operations. A sales floor associate will be fully trained on the cash register, stocking, customer service and more.

Freight Associate

Freight associates is another commonly filled position. The Freight Associate assists in unloading freight as it comes into the store on trucks, moving merchandise to the sales floor, stocking merchandise and more. This position also cross-trains for cash register and customer service.

Assistant Manager

Assists with all store functions and day to day activities. Must perform all opening and closing duties. Maintain a professional and friendly environment for staff and customers. This position requires prior retail management experience and excellent written and oral communication skills.

Merchandise Assistant Manager

Assists with all store functions and day to day activities. Must be able to perform all opening and closing duties. It helps the store manager protect and monitor all store assets. Requires prior retail management experience.

Accounting Associate

Responsible for more than 1000 stores for analyzing and reporting sales discrepancies. Must work in a fast-paced environment. This position requires 1 to 3 years or accounting experience, an understanding of basic accounting, and proficiency in Microsoft Excel.

Application Process at Dollar Tree

To apply for employment at Dollar Tree, you can stop into a store and speak with the on-duty manager, you may also go online to and search for positions in your area or desired search parameters. Once you have found something that you are interested in, you may apply directly online for that position and store.

Once you begin your application process it is important that you remain honest. When you answer the questions regarding criminal history and convictions it is important, to be honest, and give accurate details. Answering yes to these questions does not mean that you will not be considered for employment.

During the application process be sure to include a complete and accurate work history. Be sure to list all job-related skills and experience. Hiring managers want someone with the required skills and experience.

The most important thing to remember is honesty. Honesty is valued by all employers including Dollar Tree. Be honest on your application and you won’t have to cover the lies you told, just to try and remember them to cover them more and keep it going in a vicious cycle.

Dollar tree considers all applicants regardless of criminal history. Of course, some positions will not hire someone with a history of crime, but they may offer employment in another position that will. Be honest about your criminal history.

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