Does Culver’s Hire Felons?

Culvers is a casual dining fast-food chain restaurant. Culvers primarily operates in the midwest with expansions reaching out to the rest of the U.S… They are commonly known for their Butterburger and Frozen Custard.

Not all felons are lifetime criminals, many of them that are repeat offenders are that way because they weren’t given the chance to do better. When felons aren’t necessarily given a chance to make something of themselves they will return to the only thing they know and that is a crime, until the next time they get caught.

About Culvers

Culvers is focused on casual dining and great food. They are known for their butter burger and their frozen custard and cheese curds. Culvers does offer chicken, fish and salad menu items as well.

Culvers opened its first restaurant in 1984 in Wisconsin. Goerge and Ruth Culver along with their son Craig and his wife Lea opened the restaurant after quitting their jobs and deciding to give the restaurant world a try on their own. In 1988 they were approached about a franchise restaurant and decided to enter a loose franchise agreement with no fees or royalties charged. The franchisee walked away after one year in business with little to no responsibility because he invested very little of his own money. This bad deal led the Culvers to adopt the standards they currently use in their franchising procedures.

After 9 years Culvers had 14 restaurants across the state of Wisconsin. They remained exclusive to the midwest until 1998 when they opened a franchise in Texas. At the end of 2011 Culver’s had grown to over 400 restaurants in 19 states. By June of 2019 Culvers had increased to over 700 locations opened in 25 states with another 18 locations under construction.

Culvers offers its crew members a 50% discount on meals and managers a 100% discount on meals during their shift. Family members can get a 25% discount on meals when visiting during the shift of their family members (not all locations offer the family discount). Full-time employees are offered health and dental coverage plans, along with paid vacation time off and 401K options.

Culvers offer their employees plenty of opportunities to work each pay period. They have a friendly and casual work environment making each shift an enjoyable experience. There is not much drama happening within the workplace as Culvers has a zero-tolerance policy on that.

Does Culvers Hire Felons

From current research, it does not appear that Culvers will hire a felon. Some of their locations have been said to run background checks going back 6 years while others do not run background checks at all. Some applicants have reported to just being asked about felonies and criminal histories during the interview and application processes.

Culvers may or may not hire felons and they may or may not run background checks. With that being said honesty on the application process is encouraged. No one wants to to lie on the application and hope every day that they go to work and their employer hasn’t found out. Lying will get a person fired quickly.

Does Culvers Run Background Checks

It is unclear if every franchise runs background checks or not. While researching it has become apparent that it will depend on the location and the management and owner. So there is a definitive answer to this question.

Culvers locations are all franchises and generally owned by individuals rather than Culvers as a corporation. It appears that each location has control over background checks individually. Some locations may even knowingly hire felons. However collectively as a corporation, Culvers does not hire felons, and they do run background checks.

Careers at Culvers

Culvers offers employment in various positions throughout their restaurants. They may have management, crew, kitchen and porter positions available. These are the most common positions available being that they are a franchise chain.

Crew Member

Crew members offer exceptional guest service that is personalized. Taking orders, answering questions, double-checking guest orders and more. They can also be responsible for operating the cash register and various other kitchen equipment.

Shift Manager

Runs shifts efficiently and smooth. Ensures quality products and service. Performs opening and closing duties of the restaurant. Follows company procedures and policies. Requires high school diploma or equivalent and food safety certification.

Porter Maintenance

Porters offer friendly guest service and hospitality. They prepare the restaurant for opening each day and they maintain the cleanliness and proper function of equipment throughout the restaurant.

Assistant Manager

The assistant manager will assist the Manager in daily operations, they ensure the staff is doing as they should and meeting company standards. The assistant manager assists with operation throughout the establishment as a whole.

Entry Level Manager

Uses daily deployment sheet to run a shift and ensure quality products and service. Routinely monitors and coaches team on safety best practices. This position requires Two years of leadership experience, open communication, and teamwork.

Application Process at Culvers

To apply for employment at Culvers you can visit a location in person and pick up an application or you can visit and search for open positions in your area. Once the application has been submitted the interview process comes next.

Within a couple of days of submitting the application, a hiring manager should contact you for an in-person interview. Be honest and accurate during your interview and application process so there are no lies to remember and cover-up. Potentially the manager could offer you employment at the time of the interview, in some cases, it may take them a day or two to review your interview and other applicants to find the best fit. They may call you to offer employment.

It will definitely be easier to apply online and make sure that your application is for the right location. However, you can always go into a location and apply on the spot, have your resume and experience with you to speed the process up. Always be honest on your application about your criminal background and experience.

With background checks, applications and interviews you can make several trips to a Culvers location before actually starting your job. Often times managers will also ask for a second interview when there are several applicants. It is hard to remember everything about every applicant.

If you would like to gain employment with Culvers remember, to be honest, make sure you have all the qualifications needed for the position you are applying for. Dress to impress and speak clearly when interviewing. Be respectful and on time for interviews.

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