Does Men’s Warehouse Hire Felons?

Men’s Wearhouse has been in the business of helping men look their best for over 40 years. They’re one of the largest men’s clothing retailers in America. But what’s their policy on hiring Felons?

We don’t think a criminal past is enough reason to deny someone the right to earn a living. Everyone can chancge, for better or worse. Discriminating against someone for their past goes against human nature. But let’s dig into Men’s Wearhouse and learn what this company’s values are on this topic.

About Men’s Wearhouse

Men’s Wearhouse is proud of their customer service and quality men’s clothing. Their tailors and sales associates are well trained and knowledgeable. And their dedication is something that keeps customers coming back to their stores.

George Zimmer opened the first Men’s Wearhouse in Houston Texas in 1973. He started small but thanks to his knowledge of men’s shopping habits, he had opened twelve stores by 1980.

In the year 2000, Fortune Magazine labeled it one of “the 100 best companies to work for” in the US. There are now over 700 stores open in America.

Men’s Wearhouse is actually owned by a company called Tailored Brands now. So if you work for Men’s Wearhouse, you work for them.

Employee benefits aren’t all bad either. They offer medical and dental insurance to employees and their dependents. Employees also receive help with things like higher education, disability and quitting smoking.

The company’s total rating on is 3.8. Employees find Men’s Wearhouse to be a fun place to work. And the general agreement is the sales training is very helpful when getting started.

Does Men’s Wearhouse Hire Felons?

In our research, we’ve learned that Men’s Wearhouse does hire felons. In fact, George Zimmer has always been an advocate for felons and believes in second chances.

But what about background checks? It’s rare that criminal background doesn’t come up on job applications. It’s a common thing to see and pretty discouraging to those who have prior convictions. But there are some companies that don’t even bother with a background check.

Does Men’s Wearhouse Run Background Checks?

The answer is no. They don’t run background checks and it’s likely they won’t even ask about your criminal past. Though George Zimmer isn’t the owner of the company anymore, Men’s Wearhouse stays true to his values.

They believe in second chances. But they may not hire you if you’re registered as a sex offender. This a reality that might narrow your search quite a bit.

Careers at Men’s Wearhouse

The most common jobs at Men’s Wearhouse are sales and customer service based. It’s a good place to start and work your way up to a higher paying position. There are management jobs too, but they require some experience.

One of these entry level jobs is Sales Associate. Here you’ll learn about Tuxedo sizing, style and choosing the right accessories. You will also do some marketing to prom customers and at bridal shows.

The Sales Consultant job is much like Sales Associate. The difference is your pay is either only commission based or commission and hourly. Where as Sales Associate is just hourly. But it really depends on your store location.

Another lower level job option is Tuxedo Store Senior Sales Associate. It’s a little more involved than the other jobs mentioned in this article. You’ll do some marketing like you would as a Retail Sales Associate. But you’ll also do some data entry as well as some heavy lifting and standing for long periods.

As a Store Manager in Training, you should have some management experience. Leadership skills and enthusiasm for training employees is important to do this job. And as in any management job, communicating well with your employees is a must.

The last store level job with Men’s Wearhouse is Formalwear Manager. Again, you’ll need to have some management experience. This is an hourly job that requires organization and an ability to adapt to sudden changes.

Application Process at Men’s Wearhouse

There are many entry level jobs available across the US with Men’s Wearhouse. When you go to their careers page, you’ll have to create a login and password before you can begin. Then you can upload your resume.

Before applying for any job, it’s so important to have a resume. It doesn’t matter if it’s half a page long, it will make a huge difference on an application. And if you’re invited to interview, it’s even better to bring a copy with you.

If you do land an interview, remember that first impressions are everything. It’s important to look professional. And Men’s Wearhouse’s careers page doesn’t specify if they allow tattoos. But if you have any, it’s best to cover them until you know for sure.

We know Men’s Wearhouse hires felons. But it’s possible they could ask about your criminal history in an interview anyway. If they do, be honest and humble. Own your history but know that it doesn’t define you.

Finally, smile and think positive. We know it’s easier said than done. But Men’s Wearhouse is looking for positive, enthusiastic employees. Show them that you want the job and that you’re grateful for the opportunity. This goes a long way with any potential employer.

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