Does Kohl’s Hire Felons?

Kohl’s is a retail chain department store with locations throughout the United States. It is one of the largest retail chain department stores in the United States.

After serving their time, it is important for felons to receive support from their community. Community support is necessary for felons to succeed on their journey to a better life outside of crime. By stores in the community being open to hiring felons, individuals are able to earn an honest living and become an included member of their new environment.

About Kohl’s

Kohl’s is one of the largest retail chain department stores in the United States. The are known for providing shoppers with great prices on name brand clothing items and their “Kohl’s cash” discounts for their customers. Along with clothing, they also sell items for home and electronics.

Kohl’s was founded in 1962 by Maxwell Kohl, who had immigrated to the United States from Italy. The company’s first store was located in Wisconsin and the state still remains the location of its headquarters to this day.

Kohl’s has over 1,000 locations throughout the United States, with the highest number of stores located in the Midwest region. Being such a large company, Kohl’s employs over 129,000 employees throughout its many locations.  

Kohl’s offers employees both medical and dental coverage. Other benefits they offer include employee discounts of store items, paid time off, 401(k) with a company match, adoption assistance, associate groups, and discounts on fitness centers and gyms.

Employees of Kohl’s often mention the family-like work environment, where employees are encouraged to train in many departments, as a reason they love working there. They also mention good benefits, hours, and pay as reasons they are satisfied working at Kohl’s.

Does Kohl’s Hire Felons?

Based on our research, it seems that Kohl’s does hire felons. This is based on currently available information and may change at any time.

As with many companies that hire felons, certain felonies may exclude a candidate from consideration, based on the position they are applying for. It is best to be honest with a potential employer while highlighting the reasons you are qualified for the position.

Does Kohl’s run background checks?

Based on our research, it appears that Kohl’s does require a background check for all potential employees. The background check will occur after a job offer is made, but before an employee starts work at the company.

During the background check, Kohl’s will look into any criminal history of the potential employee.

It is important to alert a hiring manager about any convictions you know will show up on a background check. Honesty about past mistakes is a trait that is valued by many companies.

Careers At Kohl’s

Many employees rave about the family-like work culture present at Kohl’s. With a friendly work environment and supportive team, Kohl’s may be the perfect fit for you. Below are 5 of the most common positions at Kohl’s.

Retail Sales Associate: Responsible for assisting customers on the sales floor and at check-out, maintaining fitting rooms and sales floor areas, greeting guests, and helping out in other sales departments as needed.

Stockroom Operations Associate: Responsible for unloading truck shipments, changing store signs and prices, processing replenishment and fulfillment requests for in-store and online customers, and assisting in other areas as needed.

Visual Merchandiser: Responsible for the visual presentation of the store and its merchandise, implementing and maintaining visual representation up to Corporate standards, oversee installations of graphics and displays, go on weekly store walks with Store Managers and weekly calls with District Visual Leads, and other job-related tasks.

Sales Lead: Responsible for delivering excellent service to customers and engaging them in a way that increases sales opportunities. Also responsible for directing team members in sales areas, assessing workforce needs, carrying out customer service programs, and other tasks related to the position.

Loss Prevention Officer: Responsible for preventing theft of Kohl’s property and assets, monitoring customers and associates for potential theft, dealing with instances of theft when prevention is not effective, filing incidence reports, and other tasks related to the position.

Application Process At Kohl’s

You can search and apply for jobs at Kohl’s by going online to and searching for open positions based on store location or job title. Based on our research, the hiring process may take one to two weeks. If a hiring manager likes your application, you will be called in for an individual or group interview and will most likely find out if you are hired not long after the interview.

Since many candidates have reported being interviewed in a group setting, it is important to make the time you spend speaking count. If asked about your background, highlight your strengths and why you would be an asset to the Kohl’s team.

If a hiring manager asks a question to the group, don’t be shy about responding to the question. Don’t interrupt fellow candidates while they are speaking, as that can be seen as rude, but ask to give another response or point of view once they are finished.

A group interview may not be the appropriate setting for revealing a past conviction, since there will be little privacy for you in a room full of people. However, it may be a good idea to be honest about a criminal charge when you are receiving a one-on-one offer from a hiring manager.

A background check will most likely be done, so being honest with an employer about what may show up on there may be in your best interest. Remember, you were just offered a job by someone who feels you are qualified to work there! Stay positive and speak from a perspective of growth and optimism for your future.

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