Does Ace Hardware Hire Felons?

Ace Hardware has marketed itself as a local hardware store. It has stores around the world operated by local business owners. Their motto is, “Ace… the Helpful Place”.

Studies have shown that felons who find employment have a lower rate of recidivism. Further, denying felons employment is unconstitutional according to the 8th Amendment. It is in the best interest of the community to allow felons back into the workforce.

About Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware provides home improvement items and services to local communities. Products include lawn care, plumbing, heating and cooling, and tools. Ace offers services like paint matching, screen repair, blade sharpening, and key making.

Ace Hardware was founded in Chicago during 1924. Five local hardware store owners got together to buy merchandise in bulk at lower rates.  Lower prices allowed the small hardware stores to compete with larger stores.

There are over 5,000 Ace Hardware stores employing 8,000 people in over 60 countries. They have received recognition from Entrepreneur Magazine, Franchise Times, NCB’s Top 100 list, and Franchise Direct’s Top 100 Global Franchises list.

Ace Hardware’s benefit plans depend on the employees’ position and the location of the store. Yet, Ace does offer various profit sharing, 401 (k), and pension plans. Most Ace Hardware store owners also provide vision, health, and dental insurance.

Why work at Ace Hardware? Employees listed family atmosphere, customer relationships, valuable experience, and a positive environment.

Does Ace Hardware Hire Felons?

Most Ace Hardware locations are independently owned and operated. This means it is up to the local owner to decide who to hire. However, Ace Hardware has signed the Fair Chance Business Pledge. This pledge, introduced by former President Barack Obama, encourages companies to give people with criminal records a chance at employment.

Additionally, Ace Hardware supports the Ban the Box campaign. This initiative campaigns to prevent potential employers from asking about prior convictions. Focusing on government jobs, the program is now adopted by many private employers like Ace Hardware. This support indicates that Ace Hardware is willing to look past felony convictions.

Does Ace Hardware Run Background Checks?

According to their application, Ace hardware does run background checks. The candidate allows Ace to conduct a background check when they sign the application. Ace will also conduct a check of an applicant’s character, general reputation and mode of living.

Additionally, Ace wants to know if you have been a convicted felon in the last seven years. The application states that a prior conviction does not disqualify you.

Careers at Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware breaks down open positions into three categories: Retail, Distribution, and Corporate. The jobs described below are from Retail and Distribution.  All the jobs below need a High School Diploma or GED. According to employee review sites, workers give Ace an average of 3.6 out of 5.0 stars.

Cashiers are the most in demand position, according to Ace Hardware’s career page. The position description explains that the cashier handles sales and returns. The cashier is also responsible for customer service and keeping the area clean.

Drivers are another common position. Driving positions include deliveries from the warehouse to stores. Drivers also deliver from the store to shoppers’ homes. Home delivery jobs could include assembly of purchased items.

For those that are handy with tools and home repair, a Floor Associate position is a perfect fit. Floor Associates walk through the store helping customers. Help could include recommendations for repairs or the location of specific items. Some stores need Floor Associates to have experience as repairmen or something similar.

Many locations have lumberyards. Lumber Yard Sales professionals need to be familiar with types and cuts of wood. Extra experience with forklifts and woodworking tools can be a bonus for applicants.

Finally, Warehouse Specialists are the men and women behind the scenes. They are responsible for moving inventory. Receiving, stocking, unloading, and filling orders are all various jobs within the title.

Application Process at Ace Hardware

Applicants should start here when applying for jobs at Ace Hardware. From there you can pick from jobs within Retail, Distribution, or Corporate.

The application will likely ask about any prior convictions. Don’t lie! They are going to do a background check. The extent of that background check depends on the state the job is in. By signing the application, you agree that you are telling the truth. Any inaccuracies in the application become a breach of contract.

Ace Hardware locations are owned independently. Do your homework! Check out the location you are applying to. While corporate supports hiring felons, individual store owners may not. Asking some polite questions ahead of time may save you and the owner an awkward interview.

Ace has many job openings. Don’t give up! Because one location may not hire felons doesn’t mean the one across town won’t. Even if the store doesn’t hire you, the warehouse might. Great with customers? There’s a position for you! Don’t want to deal with them? There’s a position for you, too!

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